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Why You Should Wear Merino Wool Socks?

Merino sheep which have origins in Spain are famous worldwide for their amazing wool. The wool’s fine fibres have attributes which makes it an ideal clothing material. But when you hear the wool socks, you might think it is for winter. That’s not the case with merino wool socks. Below are some reasons why you should wear these socks.

  • Keeps you cool

Merino sheep can keep themselves warm and cool with their wool. This can mean that clothes made of merino sheep’s wool are also good when it’s warm because they can regulate the temperature. It works by absorbing the moisture to draw the sweat away from the skin and evaporates into the air. In this process, the heat is also released which cools the air present between the fabric and the skin.

  • Odour resistance

This breathable fabric can resist odours. Another benefit for summertime is that the material can act as a natural UV barrier.

  • Comfortable

Merino wool is the finest and softest fleece recognised by man. This is due to the fact the fibres are extremely fine. The thickness of the merino wool fibre is 17 microns whereas a single human hair is 60-180 microns. Also, the strength of the merino wool is 6 times stronger than cotton. The fineness of the fibres with strength and flexibility helps the material to bend when they press against the skin. This is the main reason why this material does not itch or prick which others wools do cause.

  • Good for skin

In addition to being soft, this type of wool is non-allergenic. That is why merino wool is a great choice for sensitive skin. It can reduce the symptoms of eczema. Because it can retain the moisture, it is also resistant to static. This means your dress will not cling to the skin.

  • Easy care

To look after merino wool socks is quite easy. Naturally, the fibres of the wool can resist stain and bacteria. So, it won’t often get smelly or dirty. You don’t have to wash the material often. You have the freedom of just hanging the cloth outside for air drying.

  • Quick dry

Wash on a low-temperature setting when you wash merino wool socks. Just dry the way you would do. Because it is a fine fabric, it dries fast.

  • No wrinkling

The elastic properties of the wool fibres will not allow wrinkling. For this reason, this material has become ideal for travel. The dress bounces back to the original shape when you wear it.

  • Environmentally friendly

Since this wool comes from sheep in Australia and New Zealand, this material is sustainable. the harvest for this fleece happens twice a year. It is a biodegradable material. so, if you throw this material, naturally it can degrade in the soil.

The bottom line

Merino wool socks are insulating and thermoregulating in function according to the surrounding temperatures. Also, they give a sophisticated and stylish look. With all the reasons above, it’s no surprise that this is material is in demand.

With all these great reasons, you should have a pair of merino wool socks in your closet.