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Why LED grow lights and how to choose the best?

Indoor plant growing has been there for a long time, however, the lights used to mimic the sunlight has been limited to High-pressure sodium, fluorescent, HID etc which used to be expensive, as well as, high heat emitting and power consuming at the same time. For years growers have depended on these lights, however, with the introduction of LED lights the things will be changing in a fast phase. Using a LED grow light has several advantages

  1. LED grow lights are low power consuming
  2. It emits lesser heat when compared to other types of grow lights
  3. LED grow lights are comparatively long lasting than other grow lights
  4. Using a LED grow light decreases the expense on ventilation and cooling system

Now, a good portion of the people with an indoor growing has understood the advantages of using a LED grow lights and the demand has gone up ever since. There are more than a dozen brands on the market today marketing top quality LED grow lights, to select the best LED grow light from the long list of available products, and here is a list of common things that you should consider to get the best LED grown light.

  1. Type of grow –

The basic thing you should know about LED grow light is that not all LED grow lights serve the same purpose. Some LED grow lights come specially designed for a specific stage of growth and some could serve all the stages of growth. This is why we recommend you to check the specification carefully and check if the LED light is compatible to be used for all stages of growth or just for a specific stage of growth, if you are on a budget it is better you avoid LED grow lights designed for specific stages of growth only.

  1. Area of grow space –

Most of the people do not actually care about the space but expert recommends that a LED grow light should be selected based on the area of growth. Remember, not all plants require the same amount of light; there are low light plants, medium light plants, and high light exposure demanding plants.

Low light plants – 11-18 watts per square feet grow space

Medium light plants – 22-26 watts per square feet grow space

High light plants – 30-32 watts per square feet grow space

Based on this select the appropriate LED wattage required for your plant

  1. Type of LED light –

Once you have the type of growing and area of growth space in hand, then you can select the LED light to satisfy your requirement.

Based on your requirement there would be more than 100+ LED grow lights available, the most advanced and the easiest one would be the automated LED grow lights that require the least human input. Apart from this type of LED grow lights, there is full spectrum LED grow lights that could provide any light spectrum required for the healthy plant growth.

  1. Quality of semiconductor chip –

Generic brands market LED grow lights with a cheap semiconductor chip that will not last for a long time, when it comes to LED grow lights, always consider purchasing a LED grow light from a reputed brand and with a semiconductor chip of minimum 3 watts rating.


The details listed above are just the key factors that needed to be considered to get the best LED grow lights, however, let the grow light come from any brand, you should consider buying a product that comes with the maximum warranty period.