Why Do You Need a Baby Bottle Warmer?

Bottle warmers are being widely preferred by mothers all over the world to keep the milk at the right temperature for their babies. Warm milk bottles are preferred for babies due to a plethora of reasons. They are as follows

  • Temperature of breast milk is close to the human body temperature of 98 degrees. Thus, whether the milk in the bottle is breast milk or formula milk, its temperature should be close to the body temperature.
  • The temperature of the bottle can be 40-50 degrees less than the milk contained in it. This temperature difference is undesirable.
  • Drinking milk from a cold bottle can cause stomach ache in babies.
  • Cold milk takes energy from the baby’s body to heat at the time of digestion.

There are many valid reasons to buy a good baby bottle warmer. Some of them have been mentioned here.

Heating breast milk

Heating breast milk in a microwave causes it to lose its nutrients and anti-infective properties which are very important for the good health of the baby. Using stove to heat breast milk results in the milk breaking up and losing vitamins, micro-nutrients and minerals. Baby bottle warmer heats breast milk evenly and brings it to the right temperature without changing the properties of the milk. The warmer uses water bath to evenly heat the bottle without disturbing the properties of the breast milk. Obviously, the parents need to make sure that the bottle warmer is approved for breast milk.

Heating formula milk

Heating formula milk in microwave should be avoided. This is because microwave tend to overheat the milk which can burn the baby’s mouth and also have a harmful effect in his/her stomach. A baby bottle warmer uses safe steam mode to steadily raise the temperature of the formula milk without overheating it. Thus, baby bottle warmer is also useful for formula milk.


Baby bottle warmer can be used for defrosting both milk as well as baby food. Thus, if the parents want to store breast milk or formula milk or baby food in frozen form, then a baby bottle warmer is very useful.

Easy controls

Baby bottle warmer does not require the parents to put in a lot of efforts. The power button simply needs to switched on and the selection whether the bottle is at room temperature or cold temperature needs to be made. Thereafter, the warmer needs to be set to steady warm for breast milk or quick warm for formula milk.


The bottle warmer gives an alert as soon as the right temperature is reached. The alert can be in the form of a warning light or a beep. Many modern models of bottle warmers also have apps for downloading on smartphones. The app gives an alert when the heating process is complete.

Portable models

Portable models of bottle warmers can be carried on travels easily. The warmers easily plug in to electrical outlets. Many models can plug in easily in car power outlets. Warmers which run on batteries are also available in the market.