When should I take a glutamine supplement?

Consuming glutamine supplement if not a necessary thing to do, it should be consumed on if your body requires it. If your body does not require extra glutamine, then do not consume it. Just filling your body with glutamine without any specific requirement could do more harm than good.

The first thing you should remember is that a normal body has a perfect balance of all nutrients, simply adding more nutrients to the body forcefully when it is not needed could be dangerous in the long run, it could disrupt the natural working of the body.

Here are some of the situation when your body require glutamine supplements –

  1. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) – glutamine supplements are commonly prescribed by doctors for people with this disease. While glutamine deficiency is known to cause this disease. It could also be caused due to other reasons. However, as of today, most of the IBS cases are related to L-glutamine deficiency.
  2. Wound healing – When there is an injury, burn, or infection in the body, the body secretes a hormone called cortisol. This hormone plays an important role in reducing inflammation, regulate formulation, and help in memory formulation. However, the same hormone could reduce glutamine in the body. Consuming glutamine supplements could increase the glutamine in the body even when there is an injury/burn/infection. At the same time, glutamine supplements could increase the glutamine content in the body, which could boost the immune system that would protect the body from infections.
  3. Bodybuilding – Bodybuilding is a necessary part of healthy bodybuilding. Most experts and dieticians commonly recommend people who perform intense workouts to consume glutamine supplements. One of the lesser-known fact about the intense workouts is that muscles undergo a short-term break down while working out and the glutamine along with other amino acids and nutrients, build new muscles. Which in turn, keeps on happening while working out. This reduces the availability of glutamine in the body, the level of glutamine in the body could be reduced only if glutamine supplement if consumed.
  4. Cancer glutamine level increase – Glutamine level in the body of most cancer patients tend to be very low. This could result in several health issues like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, headache, anxiety, etc. however, consumption of the right amount of glutamine supplement could increase the level of glutamine in the body and this could, in turn, reduce and get rid of the issues mentioned.
  5. HIV/AIDS – People with HIV/AIDS tend to have lower glutamine levels and this is one of the main reasons for weight loss. However, consuming glutamine supplements is known to increase the glutamine content in the body, which could help in increasing the weight and maintain a balanced weight.
  6. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, bone marrow transplant – Glutamine level tend to go down after any of these treatments, consumption of glutamine supplement could help increase the glutamine level and this, in turn, help get rid or reduce the side effects of the treatment.

These are the general and common cases when glutamine supplements should be consumed. However, consulting a doctor or expert dietician could offer more knowledge.