What is Pie Pan? Its Different Uses

Its summertime and the kids are at home always demanding some fancy food. Recently, while cooking my 7-year old daughter came and asked me a very general question what is a pie pan? I understood that she is interested in cooking but also wants to have deeper knowledge. I explained to her that pie pan is a pan which we use to bake our lovely pie. We can use the pie pan to bake both single and double-crust pie. She later questioned me how to pick a pie pan when we go to the market and what else we can do with the pie pans. Although she was too young to understand the dimensions I explained her anyways. The pie pan is a deep-dish with slanted or inclined sides. They come in a round circular shape. They are lightweight and come with shallow buttons. The diameter of the commonly used pie pan is 9 inches which are 1-1/4inches deep. Pie pan comes in all sizes like the small which is sized up to 4-1/2 inch and big pan-sized up to 9-1/2 inch. The rim of the pie pan is either flat or fluted this is necessary to hold the border of the pie. If you are thinking to bake a thick crust pie then we recommend you use a pie pan with depth up to 1-1/2 inch to 2 inches deep. They come with multiple materials like tin, aluminum, ceramic, glass, and steel. Generally, I find the glass and aluminum do the job for me. In our article, we will discover some of the DIY’s I did with my pie pans with my daughter. So, let’s get started.

The different uses of the pie pan.

I used my pie pans to bake multiple things like chicken taco pie, Turkey puff pancakes, and all sorts of quiche. Apart from using the pie pan for just food I used the old unused pie pans and tried to be a bit creative. Recently, we were painting our walls and we missed our drip catcher somewhere. But while we were thinking what to do an instant idea popped in my mind of using our old unused pie pan as a drip catcher. On second thought another idea that came into my mind was to use one of my aluminum pie pans to make candles look like a pie. I melted some of the candles and put it on the pie pan with some essential oils to make it fragrant. The candle pie looked beautiful on my kitchen counter.  Always remember before you throw away things you don’t use maybe there is someone who needs it or you can simply use it by recycling and reusing.


We hope that some of our ideas of using the pie pan apart from just baking are appreciable by you. You should also try making something innovative and share your ideas.