Vikings Season 5: Which Major Character Will Die in the Season?

The historical drama is always interesting to see on television and Vikings has to turn out to be one of the most intriguing shows that are more or less true to the historical facts and after the four consecutive successful seasons Vikings is set to come back with its Season 5. The sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok has now taken an interesting turn with the death of the lead Ragnar, and as per the speculation, now the plot will turn towards his sons who will now be involved in the power play. There is also a speculation that the lead may come back from death to give the ultimate shock to the fans. But now there is a new theory hovering, that another very important character may die in this season. Who can that be?

Vikings Season 5 Release Date

The previous season had plenty of major kills, but three of them are most unexpected: the death of Ragnar Lothbrok, King Ecbert’s suicide and of course, Ivar the Boneless’ murder of his own brother Sigurd. Now there are speculations that another son of Ragnar Lothbrok may die in the upcoming season. According to some believe that it could be Ubbe or Hvitserk too. But there is no confirmed news about the fact yet though. Ragnar’s death was too important; rather say a turning point for the plot for the coming season. His death will create a lot of twists and complications in Vikings season 5. The fight of the brothers will be the focusing event. Lagatha’s hold on the plot will be stronger than before. The inclusion of the new character Bishop Heahmund will be introduced in the coming season. Though, it is still unclear when he may appear and what will his take be in the series.

Though it is still unclear which son will meet his fate, it is quite obvious that Ivar the Boneless will survive for a long time. It became clearer as Alex Hogh Andersen has posted a video on Instagram to confirm that he is once again working on “Vikings” in the Season 5. As per the post, the actor is currently enjoying the view in Luggala in Ireland, where the show is being filmed.

There was another theory was coming to news that Lagertha will die in the season. But Katheryn Winnick too declared that she would be part of the entire series, and her role will be more powerful and critical this time. So she will be here in season 5.

Now, here comes the question who is the son of Ragnar who will die? The production team has not confirmed anything, and the fans are waiting eagerly for the arrival of the show.  The release date of Vikings Season 5 has not been disclosed yet, but the earliest possibility is the end of the year. Though some are suggesting, it can appear next year also.

So till the release date of Vikings Season 5 comes, the fans are bound to wait with a lot of speculations.