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Types of Printer for Home Use

Printers are popularly used in households by PC users. The old matrix and noisy printers are outdated and have paved the way for the new high-quality printers. Today, there are a fantastic series of high-end printers available for home use. It is now possible to print colour photos and neat office documents at home. Every printer is designed for different purposes. If you want to choose the right one for you then in this article you can know about the types of printer available for home use.

The three common printers for home use 

The inkjet printers Inkjet is the ideal printer below 10000 inr for multipurpose use. The printer uses liquid ink to make marks, words and images on the paper. Inkjet printers have been in the market for many decades. However, the new series of printers offer high performance and quality. This printer is capable of printing sharp, precise and clear texts on different paper sizes. Some of the top models can also print texts and images in CDs. Only the inkjet ink can be a bit expensive. But, inkjet is the most economical printers for all the printing needs. The inkjet printers can print any colour documents, and there is a separate refill tank for each of the colour.


  • The image quality is the main advantage of owning an inkjet printer. This printer can offer 1440×1440 dots with high resolution.
  • This printer can offer texts and pictures in bright and vivid colours. The difference in ink colour makes it worth purchasing.
  • The initial cost of buying an inkjet printer is very low. So, if you want an affordable printer for home, then you can choose the inkjet printers.

The laser printers 

If you use home printers for heavy-duty, then the laser printer is a perfect choice. This printer is considered as the most efficient and economical appliance. Earlier, the laser printer only used black and white ink for printing texts, but now they use more than four colour inks. The low priced laser printers cannot print quality colour photos like an inkjet printer. However, they are commonly used for colour documents, printing photos and newsletter. The laser printers are capable of printing any text in just a few seconds. Also, the ink for laser printers is available at affordable rates.


  • The quality and accuracy of the laser printer is the main benefit of owning it.
  • This printer can perform high volume and heavy-duty work. Also, they are the most economical printers available in the market.
  • The technology used in the laser printer can quickly dry the ink and provide dry printed papers.

The dye sublimation printers 

If you want to print all your digital camera photos, then the dye-sublimation printers can do this work for you. This printer uses special paper and dye to offer professional-quality photos. The dye sublimation printers can print glossy and clear photos. More than printing this appliance can print excellent photos.


  • This printer offers finished and durable printing.
  • The printing offered by this printer is appealing and sleek.


These are the top printers available for home use. Each of these printers is designed for different printing purposes. However, all the types can provide quick and quality printing for you.