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Types of nail guns and using them

Nail gun refer to equipment that is made for the purpose of driving nails into wood easily. It is indeed a handy tool for the carpenters and all others who are thinking  of engaging in a project with wood. This power tool can be considered as an improvised version of a hammer.  However, as far as the speed with which it drives the nail into the wood, it is much quicker and easier than the hammer.

Types of nail guns

There is no doubt that nailguns are quite effective in reducing the labor hours involved in making wooden goods and furniture.  This is exactly why you find plenty of nailguns of different models in the market. It could be overwhelming to choose the best or the right one for you. However, being aware of it and the uses it can be put to can indeed make the choice easier. The types include

Framing nailer

This type of nailer is the most high powered nail gun that can use for making frames that are required for buildings construction.  This nailer can be used to drive in about Three and half inches nail into the wood. These are useful to build

       Wood siding, decks





Flooring Nailer

These nailers are considered to be effective for laying floorboards with a tongue-and-groove interlocking. Since flooring nailers are not of much use for other purposes other than laying floorboards, it is easily the least sought after nail guns.

Roofing nailer

As the name suggests it is a roofing nail gun that is used to drive nails into the wood as well as other roofing materials as fast as lightning. These nailguns are a must-have for professional roofing contractors. But, some DIYers might also wish to have one. The different types of roofing nailers include

       Pneumatic nailers that are powered by an air compressor

       Solenoid that is powered by electromagnetic polarization

       Spring-loaded that is the simplest of all that uses a spring to fire the nails from the chamber.

However, roofing nailer is also suitable only for that specific job and is usually purchased by professional roofing contractors.

Siding Nailer

It gets its name because it is used extensively for the installation of sidings. It is handy whenever you are considering a project that involves joining thinner sheets of wood or mounting a synthetic material to wood. This is because these nailers could drive in only shorter nails thatare between 1.25 -2.5 inches with a wide head.

Pin and brad nailer

These nailers are usually employed for the finishing of carpentry work. This is because they are capable of driving in even 23-gauge headless nails that are like pins. The brad nailer can be used for applications that require 15 or 16 gauge nails.

Palm nailers

The palm nailers are mini mail guns that are versatile and effective as other nailguns. they are available in pneumatic, cordless and electric variations. they run with battery power and offer scope for portability.

Choose top rated nail guns carefully. It would definitely make the job easier for you.