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How to Solve Various Issues Regarding ShowBox – Complete Guide

ShowBox being the most prominent entertainment app is quite famous among the young mobile users. One of the most user-friendly apps, ShowBox has a great library of movies, television series and, cartoons that you can stream and download. watching movies and videos in a bigger screen is now possible too, thanks to ShowBox and it offers lots of fun, especially when you are with your family watching together. As ShowBox updates its database on a regular manner, the user never falls short of their desired movies and shows recent and old. In one word ShowBox is every entertainment lovers’ one stop solution.

Now as the app is getting more and more downloaded, the users are facing some problems too. Thus here we have tried to solve your problem by discussing the issues people face while using ShowBox application on their mobile. So here they are:

How to Clear the Cache Error

This is one of the frequent issues that the user suffer from and, it can halt the smooth use of the Showbox APK File.  To fix the Cache related errors, you can go with the following steps:

  • First of all go to the “Setting” and Hit the option “General.”
  • Now, find the “Application Manager,” tab it to find “All Application or All”
  • Search “Showbox” from the list and now select it.
  • Click on the “Clear Data” along with the “Clear Cache” button to successfully fix this issue.

How to fix the ChromeCast or ‘Showbox Not Working’ Casting problem

Another issue that irritates the user is the ChromeCast problem. the ChromeCast at times stops working. So if that happens,

  • First, find the Reboot option within the ChromeCast device and start Rebooting the ChromeCast.
  • The user can go to your device “Settings” and find “App Manager” in the settings.
  • Here you will get the “App Manager”, tap here and the user will find an option named as “Avia App”, select it and clear the entire data.
  • Reboot your android device and wait till its completion.
  • Now return to Home and Open the Showbox App and try the ChromeCast once again.

How to fix the Showbox Not Working Suddenly Stopped Issue

It is quite an irritating problem as Showbox at times stop working. To solve it,

  • go to your device “Settings” and Click on the “General Settings Option”
  • Under this General Settings find the “Application Manager” and click it.
  • The screen will now show an “All Applications” option which is installed earlier by you.
  • Search for Showbox app in ‘All Applications.’
  • Now delete all the unwanted notifications like, ‘clear data problems,’ ‘clear cache problems’ all in one shot.
  • Restart the Smartphone and reopen the Showbox app freshly.

So with this article hope the user will be able to solve the most common issues of ShowBox app and the users can enjoy a problem free smooth experience of their favourite shows and movies.

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