Reasons to buy a cat water foundation if you are a cat owner

Being a cat owner is difficult since they are a different species of the pet altogether. They confuse their owners with their tantrums, scratched or what now. Understanding them is next to impossible. Their eating, drinking and playing habits differ from other pets. While you may not understand most of their habits, eating and drinking habits can be dealt with easily.

Few cats prefer drinking water from human glasses while others prefer drinking directly from the tap and Keep on meowing until the tap is turned on. Not yet thought about buying a drinking fountain for your cat? Following are the reasons why you shouldn’t:

Mostly, cats don’t consume much water

Generally, cats don’t tend drinking enough. Wildcats fill most of their water level from their kill. Since, indoor cats are not familiar with preying on mice, birds, and others. You should use the drinking fountain to lure your cat and make it drink enough water. Cat water fountains nowadays have 3 water flow settings, to satisfy even the choosiest drinkers.

 Water is important for your cat’s health

Keeping your cats hydrated can prevent them from having urinary and kidney tract diseases. When cats drink below their required amount, the low water consumption levels may lead to crystallization of the minerals in their urinary tract, thus forming stones. This may lead to severe aftereffects in the future.

Cats find it hard to spot the water level in containers

Many cat owners use ordinary drinking bowls. They are great, but did you notice how hard it is for your pet, to spot the water level inside them? Cats have great eyesight, but they possess an even keener sense of hearing. This means that the sound of running tap water or water streaming down the petals of the fountain will surely draw your curious cat’s attention!

Cats consider stagnant water unsafe

We all know Stagnant waters to be the best breeding ground for all kinds of microorganisms, that can make your cat fall seriously ill. Flowing water is much safer which is why domestic cats prefer drinking from running waters. A cat water fountain often has triple action water- softening filter which filters out impurities and bacteria. Also, it comes with an open reservoir where dirt gets accumulated, thus enabling your pet to enjoy fresh drinking water

 Cats don’t like their whiskers being touched

A cat’s whiskers are incredibly sensitive and provide your feline with information about the space around her. Some cats become stressed when their whiskers are being touched without a good reason, for example, when drinking or eating from a bowl that’s too deep. This condition is known as whisker stress of whisker fatigue. Cat water fountains are designed to keep your cat’s whiskers untouched for a comfortable, stress-free drinking experience.

Once you have selected a best cat water fountain, go through the guidelines and place it in a prominent place. Wildcats drag their food away from drinking water so it’s advised to place the fountain at the opposite end of where the food has been kept. Don’t instantly remove your cat’s previous water source. They take some time to get used to new things, so your pet must go back to its previous source of water sometimes. Once, you notice that your cat is comfortable drinking from the cat water fountain, you can remove the old one.