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Most popular types of Gatsby Shoes for men

Great Gatsby film has revoked our interest in men’s vintage model shoes. These shoes of the 1920s have started a new tradition of footwear for men. These are here to stay for a long time.

There are 5 primary Gatsby shoes:

Cap Toe Oxford Shoes

Lace-up shoes for work were a style of “cap toe,” implying a piece of the hardtop that shielded the toes of the user. The line of cap toe is plain. However, it generally had small perforations or holes, also referred to as brogue, for its decoration. The 1920s end saw the decorated brogue to the entire shoe body in many intricate patterns like the Wingtip style. Gatsby’s brogue was little but with outstanding quality. These were best matte black or soft or burnt orange-brown shoes that matched with the suits. Heels of light brown color with pointed toes and made of rubber soles that were very flexible and meant for comfort. Rusted brown or maple syrup brown was the color of those shoes.

White Cap Toe Leather Shoes

White is the color of the class. In those times, people accessing clubs generally wore them. Movie stars, senators, popular families, and other rich people were the only ones wearing white shoes. Soft nubuck leather is used to make white oxford shoes that have rubber soles, which matched up very well with summer white-colored suites. These rubber soles were generally meant for an anti-slip property with traction. They were worn on yachts or slippery and swaying floors.

Patent Leather Wingtip Shoes

Formal shoes that are best in the evenings at the yacht. Shinier shoes make the shoes better. Patent Leather Wingtip Shoes have a high shine, and these with their short lace-up kind of style were very acceptable in formal attire for men. In earlier 20s, men’s tailcoat formal jackets became dinner jackets -semi-formal or tuxedo jackets. However, these shiny patent wingtip shoes remained the same. Blue tuxedos were substituted with formal black wear; the shoes remain solid black.

Two-Tone Oxfords

A combination of 2-tone came into the market, which stayed in fashion for men for the subsequent forty years. These two tones can be grey-white or brown-white or black-white. They were sporty and trendy with dark and light patterns. They were in the design of color blocks like white heels and tied with dark center similar to a saddle pattern. A fancier model would have zigzags or swirls of light on a darker background. Shoes made of canvas or leather with canvas combination are good for summertime. Golf shoes had rubber nubs embedded on the shoe soles for a good grip on the grass. This invention came into use from Europe. Fashion for men was getting more casual.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes have seen a change from brown colored rubber soles, white leather, and a rounded seal on the ankle to black trimming on brown leather. There have been some variations in the low top. Later on, sneakers were born.

Any of the above five types of best Gatsby shoes can recreate with a Gatsby dress for men for an authentic or vintage look. These shoes shall make a major difference in the total look.