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Is Microsoft manufacturing specific controllers for Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio?

Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio: With the development of technology, gaming world did become a successful mode of entertainment. And nowadays, gaming consoles do fall into the category of premium gadgets which are rolled out by the finest tech giants. With the upcoming Xbox 2(, fans of the gaming industry have become much more excited. We are familiar with the fact that Microsoft released their previous console Xbox One, in the year 2013 which was the successor to their Xbox 360. Initially, the Xbox was launched in the year 2001 in November. That point the gaming house was its beginning stage. However, the release of Xbox failed to replicate. But with the next premier console Xbox 2, Microsoft is going to make a comeback. In this article, we will narrate about the upcoming Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio and its features.

XBox 2 release date to be in November 2017

Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio Features: Microsoft is going with a sleek-out look when it comes to Xbox 2 design; for improving further from that of Xbox One S. For quite a number of times, the upcoming Xbox 2 has been on the top lists of news. And according to all that is speculated, Xbox 2 might roll out to be a portable one. The tech company is working hard to deliver a visually appealing console with the release of Xbox 2. VR has become an integral part of hi-tech gaming as well as gadget world. VR compatibility allows the users to dive into the virtual world just with a headset. This technology is applicable for both smartphones and upcoming consoles as well. Earlier Microsoft manufactured One S with a memory of 8GB of DDR3 RAM. However, the upcoming console, Xbox 2 can get rolled out with a memory with a 16GB of LPDDR4 RAM. As predictions have arrived, Xbox 2 will be in two variants, while one will be offering a space of 500GB of the hard drive and the other might offer 1 TB. Xbox controller has already become the finest used gaming joystick, and the console has been pegged to be one of the revolutionary devices in the forthcoming world. It will not be a giant ask if the tech company manufactures specific controllers for the upcoming Project Scorpio or Xbox 2.

 Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio Release Date: At their E3 2016 conference, Microsoft openly revealed their intentions of rolling the upcoming gaming console by the end of 2017. Various reports have also been made and by them, we can predict Xbox 2 or Project Scorpio to get unveiled in November 2017.