How To

Know The Different Types of Locking Mailbox

Locking mailboxes keeps your important emails safe and secure. In the current times, locking mailboxes are also widely used for keeping packages delivered by e-commerce stores right at the doorsteps of the customers. Locking mailboxes were first developed by the US Postal Service to facilitate the smooth delivery of mails.

There are multiple types of locking mailbox available in the market. Some of them have been discussed here.


Freestanding locking mailbox stands on the ground and is not attached to the wall or pole. The mailbox has a drop compartment which holds the incoming mails, and it is lockable. The mail is dropped through a slot into the compartment. A door is present at the rear portion to retrieve the mails. Space is also present in the mailbox for placing mails to be sent by the owner of the mailbox.

A freestanding locking mailbox is usually heavy and must be secured well to the ground.


A wall-mounted locking mailbox is hung on the wall at the front portion of the house. It is fixed on the wall using screws. The mails are dropped through the slot into the mailbox. The compartment holding the mails is lockable to prevent anyone apart from the owner to access the mails.

A wall-mounted locking mailbox usually does not have space for placing outgoing mails. Thus, wall mounted mailboxes are suitable only for people who receive a lot of mails but are not inclined to send many emails.

Roadside or post mounted

Roadside or post mounted locking mailbox is mounted on a post which is cemented into the ground. This type of mailbox is located at the corner of the road away from the house or apartment. The postman simply needs to drive up to the mailbox and drop the mail into it without even getting out of the vehicle. The roadside mailbox is large enough to accommodate small packages as well.

This type of mailbox can either have one or two lockable access door. In two access door versions, the second door is placed at the back to enable the owner to retrieve the mails without standing on the road. A flag is usually attached at the side of the mailbox, which can be raised whenever there is a mail to be picked up. The roadside mailbox needs to be placed at a sufficient distance away from the road so that it is not damaged by vehicles.


A cluster locking mailbox is a single unit consisting of several mailboxes. Such kind of mailboxes are suitable for apartment buildings. The whole unit is mounted on the wall at any convenient location within the apartment. Each mailbox has a separate door equipped with a lock to ensure that only the owner and postal worker can access it. Every mailbox belongs to a different person, and his/her name and flat number are written on the access door.

A cluster locking mailbox is a better option than having a line of individual mailboxes outside the apartment. Having a dedicated space for accessing the mails for every resident of the apartment is also very convenient.