IOS 11 To Bring in Advanced New Features Alongside Other Improvements

The release of this year’s iPhone 8 is almost upon us, now that we are already well into this year. As we all know, despite a lot of smartphones coming out this year, 2017 will be the year of the iPhone. That is because the iPhone 8 will mark Apple’s celebratory anniversary edition iPhone which was first released way back in 2007. Back when it was first introduced, the iPhone challenged the very notion of smartphones and more importantly, proved with the IOS (then called the iPhone OS) that Android was not the be all and the end all of all modern handheld platforms. Since then, the IOS has received a number of updats that have gone into making it the super successful IOS 10 that was released last year with the iPhone 7.

Apple iOS 11

With the iPhone 8, a lot is going to change and while we already got a glimpse of all that is going to change with 2016’s iPhone 7, we are expecting a lot to change on the inside this time. That, of course means, a huge software update, which leads us to talk about the IOS 11 Update. We have no way of being sure what Apple is planning to add to their mobile platform for this year, especially because the IOS 10 was hailed by Apple users as one of the best mobile platforms of all time. But while Apple has a daunting task ahead of them of improving upon something that was widely deemed to have achieved near perfection, there are certain places for improvements.

Apple users have long been expecting certain features to be made permanent or brought in to the IOS, like a convenient Dark Mode or a more fluid control centre. Apple fans can certainly look forward to seeing these additions, for the Cupertino based company has been experimenting for a while with such ideas in their updates. Most remarkably, Apple’s newest app rollout has shown signs of a promise of something that Apple users around the world have been grudging the lack of. We are talking about the unnecessarily complicated sharing options in the IOS here, which up until now has lacked the sophistication of other platforms, like Google, in the matter.

With Clips, Apple’s latest video editing software, there is the possibility that the IOS 11 will incorporate a more  advanced share sheet that will show us options to send a file directly to the people we interact with the most. But while these additions will undoubtedly make the IOS 11 a more user friendly platform, they don’t exactly spell wondrous advancements. However, if what analysts have been saying recently is anything to go by, then we can expect the IOS 11 to stand out from all its competition in the field of Augmented Reality. Rumors based on market research analysts’ reports state that the iPhone 8 will come with 3D sensing cameras integrated with AR functions. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, AR is a more interactive forms of mixed reality and that is where it scores much higher than Virtual Reality, for the latter leads the user to have a completely secluded experience. So the technology that might be brought in with the IOS 11 will focus on combining necessary information with what you see in front of you.

IOS 11 release date is supposed to be alongside the iPhone 8, which is believed to be slated for launch sometime in September 2017. But interested users will be able to try the platform in beta after Apple announces it in June during their WWDC keynote.