How to download MovieBox for iOS? Here’s the Handiest Guide with 6 Easy Steps!

MovieBox for iOS devices

It is true that MovieBox is exclusively available for Android devices. But that certainly doesn’t end up our discussion here. As we all know, MovieBox can be downloaded on Windows device using an Android emulator, it is also downloadable on iOS devices. In fact, being the best alternative to the ShowBox app, MovieBox happens to serve everything that ShowBox cannot (for iOS users). Mentioned below is a handy method by which you will be able to download MovieBox for iOS devices. But before that here’s the quick list of information you need to follow.

Some Quick Information:

  • MovieBox app is not available for iOS users in the App Store
  • MovieBox can easily be downloaded on iOS devices with or without using jailbreak methods.
  • In order to download MovieBox for iOS, it comes absolutely free of charge
  • MovieBox for iOS supports iOS device running iOS 5 and above.
Download MovieBox for iOS
Download MovieBox for iOS

Download MovieBox for iOS: A Simple Step-By-Step Method using Cydia Impactor

Step 1: The initial thing that you must do is, launch the Cydia Impactor on the Windows PC. To download the software, go here.

Step 2: Next, connect your iOS device (only iPad or iPhone) to the computer, and wait until Cydia detects your device and displays it on its interface.

Step 3: After your device is detected, drag the MovieBox IPA file from where you had stored it to Cydia directly. Click on the “Start” option.

Step 4: Next, you are going to be asked to sign in using your iTunes ID. Do this and hit “OK.”

Step 5: You will come across a warning message on the screen. Ignore it and then click on “OK.” Installation of MovieBox HD iOS will now initiate through your PC.

Step 6: After the installation is over, you can easily find the app on your iPhone or iPad (even those running the iOS 10 operating system or even the latest iOS 11). Start using the MovieBox app in order to stream free movies.

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The Final Words

Thus, we have compiled everything to shed light on MovieBox for your iOS devices. From the aforementioned guide above, you can see the method is rather simple. Besides, MovieBox is one particular app that happens to offer its finest service to iPhones and iPads, unlike those contemporary video streaming sites that come with terms and conditions and end up annoying users. For more guides on MovieBox, we ask you to stay tuned to us.

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