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Getting Started With Dog Crate Training

Dog Crate Training:

When you buy a new dog, you will be excited about the entry of a new friend to your home. But to keep your dog safe and secure when you are not at home, you may need a dog crate. Don’t think that you are limiting the freedom of dogs by keeping inside cages. Because by nature, dogs are den animals and thus, they enjoy staying inside the crate. This crate training also prevents the dog from not soiling on the sleeping surface.

Crate training is the best way to let your dogs stay inside the crate for some time while they have meals or when you go out of the home. When you let the dog roam freely in the house, you need to get ready for cleaning the mess done by dogs.

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Getting started with dog crate training:

Choose a pleasant place for your crate and keep it there covered with a cloth. Place some favorite toy of your dog inside the crate and allow the dog to explore it. You need the patience to train the dog to get inside the crate.

Try to feed the dog in his crate and this is the crucial point of dog crate training. Try to increase the timings of your dog to stay inside the crate. Start with the day time and try to manage your dog at night time for staying inside the crate.

Make the crate training positive:

Always try in a different way to create a positive experience for dog crate training. Never create the feel to your dog that crate is a punishment. As you want the safety of your dog staying inside the crate, you should be prepared for any situations. For the first time, use the crate in such a way that your puppy or dog should feel like a fuss. Though the dog will not get used to the habit of staying inside the crate, you should have the patience to train again. As dog crate training is the right decision, start slowly your training for the dog or puppy. Such training will help your dog to feel comfortable.

Is dog training cruel?

According to some people, dog crate training is not the right way. This is the right point when you leave the dog inside the crate for many hours continuously. When you stay at home, let your dog roam freely. For working people, it is not possible to let the dog free inside the home. Such people may appoint someone to care for the dog by taking out a walk or they can take their dogs to doggy daycare for much comfort. Such action helps your dogs to mingle with other dogs easily. Thus, cruelty depends on how you train dogs.

It is in your hands on how to decide for crate training. Use the right dog crate training method in the right way that helps you for house training and finally helps your dog lead a happier and healthier life.