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Features To Consider While Buying Stud Finder

A Stud Finder is the device used to find out the studs or any other objects inside the walls to use them for hanging a painting or mounting a shelf or any other job and thus making your work simpler with it. Thus, one can able to save time, money and effort using a stud finder. Before discussing the stud finder’s features, here will see the definition of a stud finder.

What is a Stud Finder?

Stud Finders are small handheld devices or sensors that will exactly locate the position of studs or thick pieces of wood inside walls, which is needed to hang some decorative things or other hanging things. Stud finders are also used to detect joists and support beams in your walls in addition to studs. Here will see the features:


Sensor Type:

There are two main types of stud finders namely magnetic stud finders and electric stud finders. Magnetic stud finders will work using magnet but not using any batteries to locate the stud inside the walls. It will locate through the nails which are used to put during the wall’s construction, as nails will attract the magnet. As this type not uses any electronic components, it is available at a reasonable cost.

Electric stud finders will check the depth of the wall by monitoring the change in density inside the walls using electricity. With this type, one can get some extra features such as detecting the edges of a stud, digital displays and even providing other scanning modes. Though they offer many things they are expensive to purchase.

Sensor Size:

Another crucial thing to consider is the sensor size. It is recommended to go with the large sensor size than small stud finders. Because larger stud finder can able to detect a wider space on the wall in less time and hence, you don’t have to move frequently to locate the studs.

Center Targeting Capabilities:

This is another important feature that you need to consider while buying electric stud finders. This involves complex task and you have to work some more to achieve to fix the center point of the stud. Stud finders are coming with center targeting capabilities which allow you to determine the center point of the stud, which will avoid you doing calculations to fix the center. So, when you are buying such an advanced model of stud finder, make sure that it includes a visual display indicator to tell you the center point of the stud. Otherwise, you will feel it difficult to find the center point of the stud.

Grip and Design:

When you are buying the Stud finder, make sure that you can able to hold with a grip and comfortability while in use. As you have to move the stud finder across the surface of the wall, you should have a grip holding them strongly to avoid getting any false reading on the stud’s location. You can search for the one having rubber grip padding which will support you to hold comfortable to use.

Thus, consider all the above features while buying the best stud finder, which will make your stud finding the task easier.