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Check the different Toaster Ovens range available in the market

The modern toaster ovens can do much more than just toast slices of bread. Apart from toasting bread, toaster ovens can be used to roast chicken and vegetables, reheat food, bake a cake, crisp up a frozen pizza and other food items, etc. Since toaster ovens are versatile, they can replace conventional pop-up toasters. Toaster Ovens do not take up much counter space and perform the functions of many appliances. In fact, you also get toaster ovens in the market, which act as air fryers.

There are many high-grade models of toaster ovens available in the market. Some of the top picks have been mentioned here.

Breville Smart Toaster Oven

Breville Smart Toaster Oven has a stainless steel body and is energy efficient. The toaster oven provides a number of options apart from toasting, which includes broiling, roasting, baking, reheating, and slow cooking. Thus, it can be used for broiling chicken breasts, reheating pizza and leftover food items, and baking cakes. An electronic control panel is present to select the function, temperature, and time. The LCD screen displays the chosen cooking function and other details. There is also an interior light which enables you to view the food. Nonstick coating ensures easy cleaning.

Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven

Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven bakes, roasts, broils efficiently apart from providing crisp toast. The toaster oven is equipped with 15 cooking functions. There is also a function that enables cooking at two different temperatures at different times. The speed convection setting, which increases the speed of cooking, can be selected when you want to cook the food swiftly. The cooking time is displayed on the screen. There is also an interior light to enable you to monitor the food. The toaster has two racks. The racks slide out automatically whenever the glass door is opened, which makes it simple to take out the cooked food.

The toaster oven comes with accessories such as pizza stone and two baking pans.

Hamilton Beach Sure Crisp Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach Sure Crisp Toaster Oven doesn’t take up much space on the countertop due to its compact size, but the size is sufficient to hold 6 slices of bread or a 13-inch pizza. The toaster can toast as well as bake within very short periods of time. Apart from toast and baking functions, the oven is also equipped with an air frying function. Thus, you can also use this oven to churn out crispy French fries or chicken wings without the need to use oil.

Ninja Foodi Digital Toaster Oven

Ninja Foodi Digital Toaster Oven is wider than other toaster ovens. Thus, it can easily fit even nine slices of bread. The oven can also broil chicken and vegetables and bake cakes and biscuits. In addition, the oven can also air fry food items. The oven is equipped with digital controls and an interior light to monitor the food. The preheating time is just 1 minute. The countertop should have large enough to accommodate this oven due to its extra width.