Best Wood Lathe models with features

Out of the many hobbies present in the world, it is rare to find a hobby useful and satisfying especially if something new is created. One such activity is woodworking.

In this process, one gets to work on their favourite wood type and hack it patiently to get the desired results which is nothing but sheer happiness. Whether it is a wooden bowl or sculpture, the wood is a kind of material that gives a huge number of opportunities for making things with it.

That being said, to make such beautiful creations out of wood, one needs to have tools like hand saws, planes, chisels, and carving knives. But a good woodworker also needs to have some motorized tools to give that precision in the sculptures.

So in this article, it is all about the best wood lathes that are available in the market. They are, in reality, simple in design but become an essential part of woodworking.

Whether it is just a little figurine or a soup bowl, a wood lathe is an absolute must to do the job. The following are the list of the best wood lathe in the market.

Best models in the market

  1. JET JWL-1221VS Benchtop Wood Lathe
Pros Cons
●       Has a separate setting for giving continuous speed at 60 to 3600 RPM

●       Is capable of a smooth transition from forward to reverse

●       5-year warranty is provided

●       Expensive

●       A separate extension is needed if the working pieces are longer than 21 inches

  1. Grizzly H8259 Wood Lathe
Pros Cons
●       Good value for money

●       The capacity is good

●       Lightweight

●       portable

●       Only one year warranty is given for the product

●       Speed control settings are not good

  1. RIKON Wood Lathe 70-100
Pros Cons
●       About 6 different speed settings are available

●       Budget-friendly

●       5-year warranty is given by the company

●       It is semi-portable

●       It has a short centre-to-centre distance

●       No bed extension is available

  1. Delta 46-460 Wood Lathe
Pros Cons
●       Good performance for its price

●       Speed control is continuous

●       The motor has 1 horsepower

●       Swing over bed is good

●       5-year warranty

●       For speed readout, no special feature is present

●       It has a short centre-to-centre length

●       Separate extensions are required if the working pieces exceed 16 inches

  1. Powermatic 1352001 Wood Lathe
Pros Cons
●       It has a digital readout

●       variable speed settings are available

●       5-year warranty

●       The body is a full-size machine

●       Expensive

●       It can be used for only commercial purposes

●       Not portable

Practically, the best wood lathe is completely dependent on the user. For woodworking that is done for pass time or a hobby, just a basic model will be sufficient. But for professionals, a wood lathe with all features installed is the best option.