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8 Amazing Ways to Use a Pizza Cutter

A pizza cutter is an amazing tool that will allow you to cut the pizza in the pieces you like. You can also use it to cut bread and bun. Here are some of the eight ways you can make use of a pizza cutter for making your dishes look eye-catching.

Toast trimmer

If you do not like to eat the bread with the crust, then you can get rid of it with the pizza cutter. Enjoy the soft and tasty sides of the bread with the help of a pizza cutter. The pizza cutter will offer your sandwich great shape. If the food you cook looks good, then it will certainly impress your guests too. You can also make your everyday breakfast look mouth-watering.

The Lattice strip maker

Making the strips for the lattice is easier by using the pizza cutter tool. The strips have to come perfectly; then only it will cook well. Instead of using the knife or any other tool, you can use the pizza cutter for this process. The wheel of the pizza cutter can easily slide in the rolled out dough. The shapes will not look odd, but on the other hand, it will be the right size.

Salad topping cutter

If you want to make a taco salad, then you can use the pizza cutter for the crispy toppers. The pizza cutter will cut the tortilla strips into perfect shape. Then you can season these perfect strips and fry them in the oil for your dish. When you sprinkle these crispy strips on the salad, the dish will look welcoming, and everyone will want to take a bite.

Ravioli cutter

You can use the pizza cutter as a ravioli cutter. Roll out the pasta dough and cut it into the perfect shapes. This will allow you to create tasty ravioli pockets for putting in the filling.

Marshmallow maker

It is inconvenient to add the large marshmallow in a small cup. So you can use the pizza cutter to cut the soft marshmallow into little ones suitable for your small cup for the drinks.

The Grape cutter

Cutting grapes in half with a knife is difficult so that you can do it in a pizza cutter. You can add the perfect half grapes in your deserts and enjoy it. The pizza cutter is sharp as well as smooth, so it can cut through the grapes without harming the grape.

Herb chopper

Chop the healthy herbs in small pieces with the pizza cutter. You can easily bunch the herbs in one and cut it. You have to move the pizza cutter back and forth to perform it.

Dessert cutter

If you want to cut the desserts like cakes and brownies in equal pieces, then the pizza cutter is the best tool.

These are some of the eight ways you can use the pizza cutter for your daily needs. It serves as one of the essential tools in many homes today.