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Tuesday September 23rd 2014 | 

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Paris Hilton bought a collar for her dog Tinkerbell for 55000 dollars

Pets well loved by Paris

She's dismissed as an airhead heiress and the queen of trashy modern celebrity. But is there an enduring icon behind the glitzy blonde facade? Nice to see Paris rub in the faces of her fans that even her dog lives better than they do.


Heiress floods her pets with expensive presentations. The other day one of the most talked about blondes of the world Paris Hilton was back in the center of public scandal because of her love for her four-legged pets. Paris Hilton bought a collar for her dog Tinkerbell for 55000 dollars.

This time the heiress scandal has shocked the public by purchasing for her beloved dog a collar, decorated with diamonds, totaling 55 thousand dollars. “Dogs for me is very mean a lot” – says Paris Hilton. – “So I always pet them. I can afford it.”

Of course, Miss Hilton can afford a lot, since last year due to constant parties her own line of clothing, jewelry, perfumes and fragrances, as well as various other “serious” work of Paris was able to earn as much as $ 23 million. Plus, Miss Hilton is facing a lot of different brands and gets money for when she appears in this or that product in front of the paparazzi. According to other estimates, due to the existence of a charming Paris and her constant antics the paparazzi follows her everywhere, could earn her card for more than 12 million dollars. So that Miss Hilton may, without scruple to spend her honestly “earned” millions.

Like her owner, Paris Hilton, Tinkerbell may be tiny but she packs some serious celebrity punch. When Paris was seen totting the Chihuahua around in designer handbags sales of the accessory went through the roof. Tinkerbell lives in a $325 000 dollar dog house with her canine brothers and sisters at Paris’ Beverly Hills pad.

Did you know Up to $15 trillion will be passed down to the children of millionaires between 2002 and 2052, according to a study by the Boston College Social Welfare Institute? Much of that will be passed down from baby boomers (and even younger parents) to their kids. While economists differ on the exact amounts that will be passed down, few doubt that the wealth boom of the past decade will create a cascade of cash flowing to the next generation. So when you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth it is no wonder one can be so eccentric to drop 55 thousand dollars just for a dogs collar instead of trying to make a real difference in the world.

Paris and Tinker bell

Is it a secret that Paris Hilton loves to spend money, nope not a lot at all? Spending money when shopping adds up very quickly, and when you don't have to watch, $20000

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