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Tuesday September 30th 2014 | 

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Has the Bermuda Triangle Mystery finally been revealed

map of bermuda triangle

Many ships, air planes and people have vanished over and in the mysterious triangle area between Puerto Rico, Miami and Bermuda. Still to this day all remain unexplained and many unfound. This map shows the area involved in losses over the past century


The British broadcaster BBC offers a rational explanation for events that occurred in the most mysterious area of the Atlantic Ocean, Simone D’Ambrosio wrote in an article published in Corriere della Sera. Has the Bermuda Triangle Mystery finally been revealed?

Air Force has decided to inflict a blow aimed at adventure films, which are breathlessly watched by many generations of viewers. No more stories about airplanes and ships, which suddenly disappeared from radar screens and disappeared without a trace. Atlantic Ocean between the coasts of Florida, Puerto Rico and the Bermuda archipelago to some degree has lost its charm. Bermuda Triangle today should not be so frightening, the author writes.

The authors found a BBC radio series is very convincing and rational explanations for the disappearance of at least two planes in the Bermuda Triangle in the late 1940′s. Most likely, in both cases referred to technical reasons. January 30, 1948 aircraft Avro Tudor IV of British South American Airways disappeared. Experts at the time said that the secret of this aircraft will remain unsolved. However, experts interviewed by the BBC’s now believed that the crash was a result of technical and weather problems: due to adverse weather conditions, the aircraft had to fly at lower altitudes, which led to an overestimation of fuel consumption. In other words, the accident occurred because of problems with the fuel. In the second case, experts believe, the cause of death was the imperfection of aircraft safety systems: it is assumed that due to a breakthrough hydraulic system on board exploded.

It is likely that experts investigating in those early years mentioned Incidents have preferred to explain the crash to external causes, which only add to this mystery thrill “triangle”, writes in the conclusion, the author of the article.

I don’t think there is enough evidence to dismiss the mystery that surrounds the triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is a very real place where dozen of ships, planes and people have disappeared with no good explanation. Most rational explanations for the incidents in the area include human error and environmental effects. Many planes and ships have ended up under the water in the Bermuda Triangle.

The U.S. Navy Avengers Flight 19 disappeared in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle was it due to equipment failure of all the planes at the same time or some type of magnetic interference. Questions will remain for years to come over the Bermuda Triangle Mystery.

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