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Sunday September 21st 2014 | 

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Paparazzi catch Barbie and friends having a wonderful celebration to ring in the New Year

Toilet hugging Barbie doll

Attending a New Years party among other celebrities all ringing in 2011 in pure Hollywood style makes out to be a paparazzo’s dream as Later in the evening Barbie was caught hugging and captured on film for the whole world to see. Celebration Barbie will be part of the new “The Morning After Collection” which will include paparazzi shots of her and many of her friends in compromising positions with Ken.

After one of the biggest festivals – New Year, this holiday marked the youth with a lot of ale. Just one glass of champagne in tribute to the tradition after a 12th strike of chimes it’s just heroism in our day. Usually it looks more disappointingly and yet, as you can well celebrate the New Year without a drop of alcohol? In fact, it’s very simple. Paparazzi catch Barbie and friends having a wonderful celebration to ring in the New Year .

Just like many other celebrities Barbie can get in some pretty awkward situations as well.

I heard through the grapevine, the gathering was attended by several top Celebrities including Paris Hilton and even Brittney, so there is no wonder why poor Barbie was photographed in such dire straits. Clearly the Barbie doll was pressured into partaking beverages that are unsuited to her tiny frame. 

A very talkative Barbie later stated “I was invited by friends, but they did not know my views on alcohol, so I tell them I am a girl of sober outlook and live soberly. But then Brad Pitt put alcohol at the table (well, not themselves and friends, nothing is etched bait, the more they know the position), do not expose so I had to be center of attention and Angelina Jolie was pissing me off so I drank it all. Who wants to let brings with it. Who will bring – please their business. If this is indeed Friends, the greedy person does not so more bottle appeared. Compensate the lack of “usual” alcohol poison organization a good table. When can we do it again I says to Paris” As you can see Barbie is still a bit under the weather. Barbie and friends had a wonderful celebration to ring in the New Year and looking forward to 2012 for the next celebration.

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