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Friday September 19th 2014 | 

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Scientist claim Coffee grounds are an effective remedy for cellulite

Coffee grounds reduce fat

Finely crushed coffee grounds moist into an almost paste form, applied to body and then wrapped according to scientists of Brazil, keep the girls well toned, nicely tanned and skin that almost glows. I assume the caffeine is absorbed into the skin and somehow counter acts the fat. Drink it or wear? Coffee stained girls are full of beans.

Scientists from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro noticed that Brazilian women almost do not suffer from cellulite, and their slender figure simply shines health. The reason why the Brazilian ladies bottoms are so bright beauty is found in coffee, namely – in the coffee grounds. You heard that right Scientist claim Coffee grounds are an effective remedy for cellulite

Coffee is the national drink in Latin America. However, girls do not just drink the coffee, but also use coffee grounds as a cosmetic.

The fact that caffeine is a stimulant of the metabolism, which is responsible for burning fat, makes it a pliable source to pursue as a cosmetic paste for reducing fat. But the most effective way, according to experts, is a coffee wrap, just because the useful particles can penetrate deeply into the skin, giving it a healthy color and elasticity. According to the researches this is the reason Brazilian girls have no worries about cosmetic defects such as cellulite.

Coffee tan

Wrapped up in coffee grounds is a remedy of reducing fat in Latin American women. Mud has been used in cosmetics for years to help skin so I guess a cup of coffee to drink and wrap up in the used leftover grounds would allow enough caffeine absorption to get girls wired up like Beavis and Butt head on cappuccino. The coffee would stain the skin for certain, question is how even would the tan be? How long would she smell like freshly brewed coffee?

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