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Monday September 22nd 2014 | 

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Unusual ways to attract male shoppers to stores this holiday season to boost sales

How to keep men happy at the mall

Creating a fun and entertaining area for men to waste away time in the malls this season while the females are rushing about doing their shopping is key to salvaging the last quarter of this consumer year. Adding a boob pit at the mall is like having a male day care so men have soft fun things to play with and amuse themselves leaving their female partners to shop freely and spend more money.

It is the season in most places to be shopping and spending money. The Global economy however is still in a quite a slump so business owners are coming up with alternative ways attract holiday shoppers. Here are some unusual ways to attract male shoppers to stores this season to boost sales.

Men get really bored during the Christmas shopping season and many times rush their female partners to hurry and finish their shopping. This accounts for lost revenue when the shoppers exit early and also ticks off the ladies as they do not like to be rushed. Some creative ideas to stem these loses was to create a pacifying area for men to be amused and entertained, leaving the wives and girl friends ample time to spend more money. This has been done by building a pit filled with soft fun play things that will keep the men happy for hours.

Another clever idea from Kohl’s Department store is running the “Yes We Can” campaign. I have not been in Kohl’s for quiet some time but I assume the idea is that not matter what the customers needs or wants the mind set and response for employees would be “yes we can”. Judging from this recent photo, of Kohl’s employee showing off her large breasts, the boundaries are limitless and they will go the extra mile to see to their customers needs.

Kohls says yes we can to everything

Yes we can, according to the Kohl’s department store motto no matter what you need we will provide. When men see this photo of an employee holding up her shirt and showing off her large breasts, I expect the willing to please, department store will have a sudden rush of cash in hand men to help boost sales to help close out the 2010 year on an economical high

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