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Wednesday October 1st 2014 | 

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Police were searching for a guy missing half his head apparently not wearing a helmet

Dude what happened to my head

Carlos Rodriguez shown in photos missing the frontal portion of his head and unclear if this related to not wearing a helmet. The expression, “if you had half a brain you would be dangerous” comes to mind. Safety helmets are not impervious but in many instances they can prevent injuries such as this and helmets do save lives but only when they are properly on you head.


In Miami, lives a man who lacks the frontal part of his skull, hard to believe but true. The photograph of a smiling man who does not have half a head appeared on the site of the Miami Police dept. How could this be? Is this a photoshop gag or from not wearing a helmet? However, an employee of the police confirmed that, indeed, such a person is, and she personally saw him. The Police were searching for a guy missing half his head apparently not wearing a helmet.

He made a strong impression on me, – said the clerk.
We are talking about a 25-year-old Carlos Rodriguez. Police were looking for the man because of his connection with soliciting a prostitute. Carlos was fined $500, which he did not pay and a warrant was issued. When the man was found, he was taken to the police station and was asked to be remove his hat for photos, it turned out that the guy had no frontal part of his head.

This is what happens when people do not wear helmets when riding motor cycles. This man is lucky he is still alive and this photo is mainly shown to serve as reminder to all that enjoy riding bikes to wear your helmet. Always wear a helmet and make sure that it was securely fastened on his head. Make sure the helmet meets safety standards. If he does not have a built-divisor, wear goggles to protect eyes from flying dirt, debris and insects.

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