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Tuesday September 30th 2014 | 

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How to make a Do it yourself mobile hands free system at zero cost

cellular use while driving is dangerous

There is a statement that it was distracting to talk on a cell phone is the cause of many accidents. Some studies have shown that drivers face a much greater risk to get into an accident and lose control of the vehicle, if they talk on the phone and attach it to your ear, rather than use the system hands-free. The study shows that drivers who talk on mobile while driving is four times more likely to get into accidents than those who do not use mobile while driving


Many countries have passed Order prohibiting talking on a cell phone while driving, but not strictly regulating the type of device that can be used hands free. Among the accessories for cellular phones are portable hands free. It is a standard headset that connects to the mobile phone. Depending on the model hands free worth $ 15-25. Similar device, apparently, you can use while driving. How to make a Do it yourself mobile hands free system at zero cost?

Still, for talking on a cell phone in the car is a special set of equipment – car-kit. Each manufacturer’s inner workings and require different types of devices that are designed for specific phone models and, therefore, differ in design. Such a collection would be complete and truncated.

The full set of car-kit, in addition to wiring, includes the holder for the mobile breakout box, made by a separate speaker and microphone. This device allows drivers to talk on the phone through the speakerphone. In this case, is designed to automatically decrease the volume of the music. The Kits proprietary equipment is worth about $ 140. External antenna is usually not included in the kit and is sold separately. Installation cost – $ 40 (it depends on the design of the antenna).

In a truncated set of speaker, microphone and charger are usually built into the connection unit; there is also a connector for connecting the phone to the anchorages. Holder for the “tube” it may IET professional installation. This car-kit costs $ 60.

Sales are also universal import and domestic kits Mr Hands-free. They are convenient in that for connecting any model of mobile phones through a special adapter but still expensive for tribes folk.

Interestingly, in many small stores, selling cell phones and accessories, selection of hands free kits and car-kit is fairly limited in Africa. Although the recent clients are increasingly asking them they are either too expensive or unavailable. This left one African man with the idea to create his own and is now seeking a patent for it. Man makes a Do it yourself mobile hands free system that costs nothing.

home made cell kit

Studies show that in some cases, talking on the phone while driving is as dangerous as driving a car under the influence of alcohol. This has prompted one enterprising African man to create a hands free system that is affordable for everyone. Ebiwa says “now anyone not trouble a tall when ride donkey, drive wagon pull by goat for talk at a phone”.

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