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Wednesday September 17th 2014 | 

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11-year-old girl became a mother during her wedding

11 year old mother

11-year-old-wife and mother of new born baby girl Kordeza has to grow up fast and learn new responsibilities. Shortly after her 11th birthday she became pregnant by her 19 year old boyfriend. The couple’s marriage was celebrated by the birth of their daughter during the ceremony. It is unclear if the State will file charges against the 19-year-old Adult.


Years ago and still today in a few countries, marriage to a girl under the age of 18 is still the norm. Bulgaria however frowns on such a thing, especially when the groom is a legal adult. The case gets a little more bizarre with a twist when an 11-year-old girl became a mother during her wedding.

11-year-old Kordeza Zhelyazkova was taken to the hospital in a wedding dress and tiara. There she gave birth to her baby daughter, who was named Violeta.

The Schoolgirl, from the town of Sliven in Bulgaria, became pregnant just two weeks after she turned 11 years old. The girl became a mother when childbirth started right during the wedding of the young groom, 19-year-old husband Zheljazko Dimitrov.

Kardeza says that she is not going to play with toys anymore because she now has a new duty. “She’s so beautiful, I love her very much. Violeta is my child, and apparently, it’s time to for me to grow up.” It is doubtful she will return to school, because now she just wants to be a mom.

The 11 and 19 year old met on the playground of his Roma School, he saved her from bullies.

Kordeza admits: “We have not had sex education, and I did not know how I got pregnant. I had never been a friend and I had never heard of condoms. I did not know I was pregnant until my grandmother brought attention to something, I strongly attested I thought that eaten too many hamburgers.”

The young couple united by marriage in the traditional Gypsy wedding, However Zheljazko under the laws of Bulgaria, faces up to six years in prison for seducing a minor.

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