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Wednesday October 1st 2014 | 

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Japanese police were embarrassed by a recent case of a dolls mistaken identity

japanese officers red faced

Police officers look a bit embarrassed by their early release of information to news reporters. The announcement put the entire area on high alert to vicious crime. After the alleged crime was found to be nothing more than a careless disposal of and adult toy many officers faces were red in shame.

Japan’s police investigation turned into an embarrassment for law enforcement officers. An error of law enforcement bodies the press because the police themselves were quick to report on the terrible discovery to reporters. Instead of a corpse discouraged, detectives have found “rubber woman”. The Japanese police were embarrassed by a recent case of a dolls mistaken identity classing it as a found body. 

Concern was raised when two kennel owners were walking their pets in their forest area of Itsu. Seeing the “dead”, they immediately called the police, after which the place of the alleged crime has left an entire police brigade of 15 people.

From the discovery really looked grim and resembled a human body with signs of violence. Human figure was packaged in a plastic bag, tightly wrapped in a top fetters around his ankles, waist and neck. At the same time in one place out of the bag was sticking hair.

girl found in woods

Forensic scientist shown here with the wrapped adult doll is showing how it could be easily mistaken for a real person. The officers did the correct thing by blocking off the area until forensic teams could get to the scene. This procedure is done to ensure the scene is not contaminated before evidence can be taken.

No one dared to touch the finding in the absence of forensic High Class of slaughtering department. In anticipation of the expert, police fenced in place of “murder” and put up cordons, not missing one inside.

Meanwhile, employees of the police department had to notify about the terrible discovery of the journalists who too eagerly in the morning went to work in search of “hot” and the bloody news.

In the place of the “killing” the police leadership dispatched additional forces to be able to as quickly as possible to interrogate possible witnesses to atrocities. Simultaneously in the evening edition of the local newspaper was preparing a report on the crime for which the photographers have made images found in the woods of the killed victim.

At noon all was ready for the hard work of investigators. However, as soon as detectives cut the package of it seemed a rubber woman in life-size, designed for sexual pleasures.

Discouraged police spokesman was forced to bring reporters public apology for the misinformation. Nevertheless, he stressed that the officers acted according to instructions, according to which no one should approach the corpse before forensics.

In conclusion, the policeman told some juicy details from the life of the host of the found sex doll. As it turned out, unknown to the owner of “rubber woman” used it regularly and in the end resulted in a useless form.

tired of girl friend

The owner of the doll was shy to throw it away in normal trash as he did not want anyone else to know he used them. He never thought that someone might stumble onto his retired maiden in the woods. He claims he was simply tired of her and she was worn out so he threw her out.

Judging by everything, hungry for sex Japanese decided to dispose of his “beloved”, but do it in a familiar way he did not let shame. In the end, someone from the neighbors could see the process of discarding in trash such compromising debris. Then the man and decided to throw his rubber partner in a secluded place, confusing zealous police officers.  “It was an incredibly irresponsible act” – claims angry police officers.

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