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Saturday September 20th 2014 | 

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Funny facts the 9 most common injuries at home during sex

Common injuries in bed

Just when you thought it was safe to have a romp in the hay at home, a new study shows that last year more than 18 million were injured during the act in Britain alone. Everything from sprained necks to broken knees was reported by medical researcher’s data.


Approximately one third of Britons have received a variety of physical damage during and after a romp in the hay, according to new research. According to this research over 18 million people injured themselves during passion, and 40% broke one of the household interior decorations during intimacy. Below is a list of Funny facts that name the 9 most common injuries at home during intimacy.

It seems the most dangerous places for lovemaking were sofas, followed by stepping-machines (I have no clue how you could get randy on one of those), shower and bedroom in that order.

Also in the list of ten risky places for amorous pleasures were chairs, kitchen tables, toilets and desks. I can go along with those however the toilet is not the most romantic villas of choice.

A company representative said: “Sex – a dangerous occupation in our time. There are many dangers in the house and around it, which can cause serious injuries if people are careless. Researchers were surprised by the fact that even the bedroom may carry a risk for some very excitable people.”

It is advised for all those planning to make love, before it might be wise to remove any hazardous objects and be attentive during the actual act.

Bedroom injuries top 18 million in Britain

Make love not war, what was once considered a soft and gentle act has now become one of the highest injury inducing past times. More people are hurt at home during passion than anyone ever dreamed. Maybe a new line of safety gear will be needed to protect lovers at home such as knee pads, helmets, neck braces and shoulder pads.

The top 9 most common injuries at home during sex:

1. Crick – (typical for us older folks who rediscovered parts of the body we had otherwise forgotten existed)

2. Back injury – (lifting heavy objects should be done with the legs)

3. Sprain – (slow steady motion not quick jerky unless preconditioned)

4. Trachelism – (spasm of the neck muscles apparently while attempting to lick their elbow)

5. Broken elbows / knees – (wtf? no data or visual input perhaps for knees but elbows?)

6. Bruised shoulder – (head board padding would be appropriate)  

7. Dislocated knee – (the style is called doggy not galloping horsy)

8. Sprained wrist – (refer to #3 also pushups help strengthen older bodies to help support weight while on top)

9. Stretching the ankles – (legs are not meant to fit behind the head like that)

male and female home safety

The bedroom, according the latest research, depicts an injury list topping any battle field to date. These new findings certainly give new meaning to the phrase “I love you so much it hurts”. Over 18 million wounded during love games in their own homes not to mention property damage of broken décor.

So much for a quiet time at home seems condoms are not the only protection needed or maybe they are just doing it wrong!

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