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Friday September 19th 2014 | 

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Search underway for the Chinese female Bigfoot that rapes men

The wild bigfoot girl

This is an artist conception of the wild human big foot girl that seems so crazy about human men. If you are male could you function with this thing on top of you?

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any stranger we are introduced to a Chinese female Bigfoot that loves men. That’s right a Chinese yeti that sneaks around and has her wild ways with unsuspecting men. As bizarre as that sounds, Chinese scientists are willing to spend more than $ 1.5 million in search of the mysterious yeti-like creatures living in Hubei Province in central part of the country. The Search for Bigfoot will be divided into five groups of researchers, each of which will consolidate the area where they are most often seen by local residents. The search is now underway for the Chinese female Bigfoot that likes men

According to eyewitnesses, the size of these creatures around two meters, they are covered with reddish-brown fur and have truly insatiable sexual appetites. Now known at least two cases where female Yeti raping local male inhabitants. One of the incidents occurred in 1983 and even hit the pages of Western newspapers. A group of Yeti broke into one of the villages and raped men that were paralyzed by fear. Also in 1983 a female Bigfoot broke into a mountain hut in which the farmer slept. Accident suffered the same fate. He was too scared to call for help and too weak to resist. The Wild woman had a few minutes with him and went away.

Despite the dangers associated with the search, the organizers of the expedition are ready to go to the end. After receiving $ 1.5 million from private organizations, The Hubei Wild Man Research Association (HWMRA) today announced worldwide call for volunteers, brave enough to venture in search of the horny two meters tall creatures.

In the past, expeditions were organized in 1977, 1980 and 1981 looking for the Hubei Bigfoot. All of them, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) failed – the participants in the best case could get a trace or imprint of hair samples. Organizers of the current expedition explain the failure of predecessors was because they were not required to track the Yeti with modern equipment such as cameras with motion sensors. Their chances of HWMRA catching a snowman are estimated as four to one.

Wild female human at rest

This is a rare image of a wild female resting in her tree. It is clear that someone tried to domesticate this creature and it escaped while still wearing human clothes

A key habitat for Yeti is forest area in western Hubei Shennuntszya – mountainous terrain covered by dense forest. In Shennuntszya China has long had a bad reputation, it involves many different beliefs. Perhaps this fact has prompted some experts blasphemous to claim that Hubei Bigfoot does not exist and witnesses saw only the representatives of the orangutan species unknown to science.

Areas of Russia also hold claim of these mysterious wild female Bigfoot creatures bedding with human males. Shall we call it mystery, Perhaps fantasy more fitting, or should we call it an alibi for the adulterine male?

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