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Tuesday September 23rd 2014 | 

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How to become the perfect woman in the eyes of men

Ideal woman

What would make a woman just right in men's eyes? What is the one thing she can do that will make her stand out above all others and be noticed by men?


There are Women all over the world, right this very moment, looking in the mirror, asking themselves the question, How to become the perfect woman in the eyes of men?

Often beautiful girls are left alone, and “gray mouse” escape from the crowds of fans, so what is beauty? And anyway, is there really a concept of an unattractive girl, because each of us laid all nature to be the most attractive and confident. It remains only to find them in this treasure trove! To do this, now to start changing your life, take action on the way to perfection.

Some might lead you to believe that building self esteem by repeating the words “I am the most beautiful I have a lot of fans”, etc… Every morning when you wake up, slowly recite what you have written on a sheet of paper and every cell in the body begins to feel that which you wrote is true.

Maybe learning to walk proper or moving more catlike, smooth and graceful, keeping your back straight and neck stretched upward, maybe that would make you the flawless woman.
Perhaps you feel the need to lose weight, diet, and tone up and all the other garb the models on TV do. Think about whether you want to be attractive or just want to follow fashion and trends. In order to become leaner, you need first of all in your imagination to draw a perfect image, believing that you will no doubt be like that. Would that finally make you the most desirable female?
Being the perfect woman might be as simple as finding something in yourself that distinguishes you from others. Think about ways to accent this. You are unique, you now need to find this uniqueness and show people!

How about becoming a mystery, unpredictable and flirtatious or is it impossible to know what men like? The path to perfection can be a hard way, but most importantly on the way – make the first move, to feel perfect for you. And after a sincere faith in your own uniqueness, the world starts to move around with you. How to become the perfect woman in the eyes of men when we  have no idea what would be ideal either?

Mans idea of perfect woman

A mans idea of a perfect woman may be different from a female perspective of what ideal is. 3 boobs and a mug of beer is perfect enough for most guys

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