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Wednesday September 17th 2014 | 

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An Italian man replaced his beloved girlfriend with an identical human like doll

Order a new girlfriend

If you get tired of your old flame or heaven forbid she dumps you, no problem, just order an exact copy of her and make any adjustments you were unhappy with and now you have the perfect corpse like girlfriend that matches your ex in detail, including being COLD

Apparently there is a new solution when an old flame dumps you, just order an exact replacement, improving any area she was lacking in. An Italian businessman was so upset after breaking up with his girlfriend, he turned to the master of adult toys with a request to create for him a doll, one similar to his former passion. The Italian man replaced his beloved girlfriend with an identical human like doll.

This identical Doll cost the 50-year old Italian businessman about 18 thousand euros, roughly $24,000 US dollars. That, I suppose is a small price to pay for companionship and you don’t have to worry about screaming while dragging the woman doll around by her hair like a caveman.

“He brought me pictures of his girlfriend and asked to do the same and make it identical, except just to the dolls chest he wanted it to have bigger boobs and a larger butt than his former girlfriend,”- told Diego Bortolin , master of design and production of sex toys .

Mastering the desires of the customer, Diego was able to create in some respects an exact copy of his ex girlfriend – she is blonde, her height is about 1 meter and 60 centimeters high and weight of the doll is like the real girl.

You can order many styles

It is a creepy thought knowing that you can call up and order a customized babe of any size, shape or color. Soon technology will advance enough to give them complete human characteristics which makes it even more spooky.

“I usually take over the production of dolls that are custom-made and they run about four thousand euros, but the businessman’s toy cost so much because of the complexity of the work”- said Bortolin.

The client also asked the wizard to make the similarities of the lifelike doll and the real girl almost one hundred percent and ordered up the doll maker to copy all the features of appearance of the ex -girlfriend down to the shape of her finger nails and teeth.

New or Old Girlfriend

Is the ex girlfriend or the life like doll the businessman had custom made? These days it is getting a bit harder to tell, which is the real human and the one that is a doll. Soon they will have real human actions.

Commenting on the results of their work, Bortolin said that he had done for his client an absolutely perfect girl.

I guess this would lead one to ponder where we will be 10 years from now, with all the new robotics, e-skin and human like dolls coming to market. Perhaps the human race will find fake women and men, (yes they have males too), better companions and the human race will vanish.

Snap on faces

I assume that many of the features of the dolls are snap on and replaceable. This way if your get tired of your girl, simply make a few mods and you have a totally new babe. Wow what a stud you would huh?

Pardon my humor, but each time I try to envision this in my head I hear that funny sound of ‘wicky, wicky’ you get while rubbing a balloon. Just think though, with a girlfriend or boyfriend like these, no long term financial stress. If you get bored, buy a new face. They don’t get pregnant and they like to watch what ever you like on TV. Where do you think we will be 15 years from now?

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