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Saturday September 20th 2014 | 

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Chinese activists have rescued over 800 cats from being eaten

Cat dinner no way

Beautiful felines are sometimes the main course at some dinner tables. Cats are considered a delicacy in some parts of Asia, sort of like bird nest soup and consuming embryos.


Escalating confrontation between traders of cats and Chinese animal advocates culminated into a rescue of 800 cats, illegally captured for shipment to restaurants. The Chinese activists have rescued over 800 cats from being eaten. It is reported today in the Xinhua news agency. 

A large consignment of animals had been discovered in the municipality of Tianjin, where they were waiting to be transported to the restaurants in South China mission in Guangdong Province. 

Cats, which without a special permit, that have been caught on the streets or stealing directly from the master’s houses, are sold restaurateurs for the low price of 10 Yuan (about U.S. $ 1.50) each. 

The activists blocked the doors of the shop, where animals must have been going to the slaughter. The picket lasted almost daily and demonstrators called on the police to help, informing law enforcement authorities that the seller was unable to provide documents about the origin of the cats. 

After a long standoff the cats have been released and are temporarily housed in the public school building. Activists plan to return of all cats back to the owners and find homes for as many as possible. 

Yes they really do eat cats! I purpose adopting a cat as they really are wonderful companions and also can be quite handy around the house.

HandyCat can help around the house

Shown here is proof that cats enjoy helping out around the house. Not only can they catch mice but they can fix things like this little handycat, he is changing the light bulb.


Cats in China are being eaten everyday, mainly in the south and in the provinces of Guangdong and in other parts of China, cats are friendlier and dishes from the cat’s meat can tasted only in Cantonese restaurants. Diners who prefer to cook at home, it is proposed you use a special cookbook, great cookbook recipes on Baydupedii. All dishes are mainly Cantonese cuisine. 

How to properly eat a cat? A young woman sent these photos to demonstrate the proper way to consume a feline. Her name is Zhen, which means “kind” or “merciful”, go figure, anyway her images really tell all.

Zhen shows how to eat correctly

Young Asian girl Zhen demonstrates to methods in which best to consume the cat. According to the various pictures it would seem starting at the head is prefered but sometimes starting at the tail end too. Holy YUCK!

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