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Tuesday September 30th 2014 | 

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What happens when police special units mess up while repelling to enter a building

Special weapons and tactical

Police special units like the American SWAT teams, practice their drills on a daily basis to become the best at what they do. What exactly do they do?


Police special units from all over the world, similar to American SWAT (special weapons and tactics), train daily so they can better serve and protect citizens. These elite forces rehearse many scenarios so when the time comes they perform like a well oiled machine. But what happens when police special units mess up while repelling to enter a building?

OK, here is the drill, a hostage situation on the 6th floor of a 12 story building. Special police unit must repel from the roof and enter the 6th floor to save those who are in need.

In the presence of lots of news media this elite group was set to demonstrate their skills.

Hostages were freed as the holders were overcome by laughter while the officer exposing superior skills at losing his pants and getting hung upside down outside their window.

Officer get caught while repelling

Elite office get snagged while coming down the side of a building and ends up losing his pants while hanging upside down.

DUDE.. Hold on to your pants! Thankfully this did not end in tragedy, the office was rescued by the criminals.

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