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Thursday October 2nd 2014 | 

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Duct tape use number 938 how to make emergency womens clothing

As everyone knows duct tape can be used to fix just about anything on the planet. The original purpose of the 3m product was to seal duct work from unwanted energy loss. Through the years people have come to realize many more applications for this wonderful tape. Today we will show you Duct tape use number 938 – how to make emergency women’s clothing. 

You would be shocked to know how many ladies keep a roll of this tape tucked away inside their purses, because you never know when an emergency may rise up. Example, out on a date and spill wine on your dress, you can’t walk around in public like that. No fear, just follow the guide of our what our model did and instant new fashionable attire, thanks to your trusty roll of all purpose 3M duct tape.

Emergency Clothing with duct tape

Another fine use of a great product- 3M duct tape has never seen better days than being utilized in helping beautiful women with emegency clothing in a times of need.

P.S. You may require a little assistance when you are ready to undress, but we are confident, when the time comes you will have your pick of volunteers. 

This has been Duct tape use number 938 – how to make emergency women’s clothing.

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