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Tuesday September 23rd 2014 | 

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Top 6 Favorite sports enjoyed by both males and females

Male and Female Sports

After listening to our readers we have compiled a top 6 list of sports enjoyed by men and women together.

We figured this was simple enough to list without words and as you know a picture is worth a thousand words anyway. Biggest question here though is the order, is it counting down or up, which sport is the number one preferential activity of both? Top 6 Favorite sports enjoyed by both males and females.

Men and women share enthusiasm for some of the same sports and we thought it best not to put an actual numeric order to their placement. This will allow each individual to choose for themselves which sports they find most enjoyable. When it comes to exercise and sports we found these 6 to be favored the most, after polling 10,000 visitors. We are quiet certain at least one of your preferred sports is also amongst the list.

You have spoken and we listen to our readers. This was the list of the Top 6 activities that our readers picked as their favorites.

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