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Wednesday October 1st 2014 | 

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The IMAX becomes the new medium for Adult film producer Stephen Shiu and director Christopher Sun

Huge IMAX screens for showing big films

Somethings were not meant to be viewed in IMAX, Seeing a giant Shark or Space ship jump out of the screen in one thing, But an 80 foot Johnson is a scary thought

That’s exactly what Stephen Shiu is proposing for his 3-D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, the first IMAX 3D pornographic film. An erotic fantasia set in a subterranean sex lair from ancient china. Based on a classic Chinese erotic text, “The Carnal Prayer Mat,” the $3 million film follows a young man as he befriends a duke and enters a world of royal orgies and other sexual peccadilloes. 

 ”Somehow when you’re doing a 3-D movie you always want to make an impressive image because the viewers … are going to buy tickets with double or even triple the ticket price to get into a world they’ve never seen before,” said the U.K.-educated Sun 

 They are hoping this new medium of 3D porn will be a potential money-spinner, following on from the success of Hollywood blockbusters such as James Cameron’s Avatar. The producers are hoping the erotic period drama will prove a titillating hit with 3-D-glasses-wearing audiences and help develop a lucrative, niche film market. 

 He claims that people don’t want “just erotica, they want some wow factor! “Their goal seems to be to revolutionize live-action 3-D love making, and I have no doubt that it will look and sound incredible in IMAX 3-D or would that be CL-IMAX 3-D? 

A scene from new IMAX film

Imagine sitting in a room filled with 75 heavy breathing movie goers? Better yet, Think about who sat in your seat the previous showing....

Already, other major 3-D erotic movies are now apparently in the works. Adult entertainment firm Hustler is reportedly working on a 3-D adult spoof of the blue aliens in “Avatar,” while Italian director Tinto Brass plans to film an IMAX 3-D version of his classic 1979 erotic film “Caligula”.  

I don’t think I want to sit in a theater with a bunch of strangers watching a movie of this nature, let alone sit in seats that have been occupied by over excited attendees of the past. Also who wants a giant pecker steaming towards your face? Who knows maybe later editions of their IMAX endeavor may include scratch and sniff or splash the audience effects that worked well for other IMAX films like “Under the Sea 3D”. The IMAX is the new medium for Adult film producer Stephen Shiu and director Christopher Sun. 

Due to the over whelming abundance of free Internet films of the adult nature, it has forced the non online sellers to rethink their strategies for marketing appeal. How do you go about enhancing a movie to draw more attention? Normal 3D home versions seem to be loosing ground so what’s next? The IMAX becomes the new medium for Adult film producer Stephen Shiu and director Christopher Sun

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