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Sunday September 21st 2014 | 

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Is little Sam the ugliest dog in the world

The  ugliest or scariest dog in the world

This is Sam, a pint sized sweetheart in an ugly wrapper. Even though he looks like a pooch that should be in a horror flick, this little guy is as sweet as they come.


The ugliest dog in the world contest recently finished in the American city of Santa Barbara and for the third time in succession this title won by the Chinese Crested dog named Sam. Do you think little Sam the ugliest dog in the world?

14 -year-old Sam has an excellent pedigree, but he was so ugly that even the judges of the contest could not look at him without shuddering.

The tiny dog is totally bald, the only hair on his body – the tufts of gray hair on his head. Sam’s wrinkled skin it is covered with spots and on his face, dozens of warts. Sam is blind and his milky eyes make him look like an alien. Of course, do not forget about his teeth, they have different sizes and Sam sticks them in different direction, however, the owner of Sam – Susie Lockheed – very proud of her dog.

“People are usually very frightened when I kiss him. Who knows, maybe someday it will turn into a handsome prince in the end, not in vain that he looked like a frog” – joking Lockheed.

“I think he should be used in advertising cures for baldness or to pose for greeting cards,” – says a happy housewife.

Sam 3 time winner of the ugliest dog in the world

Chinese crested dog sam may not see the next ugliest dog contest due to health problems

However, the chance to become a handsome prince for Sam every day becomes less as he will soon be a 15 year old dog. He has been having problems with his heart, also found serious problems with the kidneys and lungs. Sam has three times, won the title of ugliest dog. Doctors say that it is most likely was his last victory. Until the next contest, this ugly dog definitely will not survive.

According to the owner of Sam, her Cinese Crested dog enjoys great popularity in California. After the latest victory, she received hundreds of letters from admiring fans.

“Many people wrote to me, that the photo of Sam now hangs on their refrigerators. He certainly has the fans,” – says Lockheed. I do not know that I would say small Sam is the ugliest dog in the world, perhaps one of the most unique but certainly not ugly.

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