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Sunday September 21st 2014 | 

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Breaking news plane carrying 152 people cashed into hills near Pakistans capital islamabad

passenger jet from airblue

An Airblue passenger jet has crashed outside Islamabad. 152 on board, 146 passengers and 6 crew members, rescue underway

The forests around the crash site still a blaze. Rescue workers attempting to make their way to the crash site now where an Airblue 321 passenger plane carrying 152 people crashes into the hills near Pakistan’s capital Islamabad

   The plane was coming in for a landing on final approach in bad weather when it lost contact with the control tower. It crashed in a mountainous region and Thick cloud cover and rain currently in the Margalla hills slowing rescue efforts. 

Amir Ahmed, the city’s deputy commissioner, told the ARY news channel that rescuers had found at least three people who were alive but wounded. Un-confirmed reports that 5 bodies have also been found. 

No word yet on other survivors -146 passengers and 6 crew members were on board. The AirBlue 321 craft was in route from Karachi to Islamabad. 

Will keep this post updated as more news becomes available. 

Update- 100′s of rescue workers and volunteers making their way into the area by foot. Several helicopters circle the area.

Update- 23 bodies have been recovered, rescue efforts still hampered by rough turrain. 5 wounded now confrmed which includes 1 woman have been transported to hospitals.

Update- 35 bodies now pulled from the wreckage. Still conflicking reports coming out of Islamabad on survivors, none comfirmed.

Latest update- Pakistan government officials now confirm there were no survivors of the airblue crash

Photos of downed Airblue 321 click to enlarge

Those first on the scene of the crash

Military assisting with rescue efforts, both by air and ground

Photos from above crash site

So much smoke coming from ground around wreckage of flight 321

Photos taken moments after the crash of Islamabad bound aircraft

Smoke covers the hills where Islamabad bound flight crashed

rescuers climb the rain soaked hills by foot to reack the crash site of airblue 321

rescue workers climb the rain soaked and slick hills to crash site

From above the crash site of airblue Islamabad

View from above the crash site of airline crash Pakistan

twisted remains of Airblue flight 321

The shattered remains of Airblue flight 321 outside Islamabad

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