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Friday September 19th 2014 | 

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Is mom crossing the line see shocking images of a 15 year old with breast implants nose and lip work

Beautiful young daughter any parent would be proud of

Pretty girl that any parent would be proud of. No reason to ever encourage or allow any changes to her body or face. Although I assume implants today are counted as body art like tatoos


Discussing the subject of, ‘parents pushing their children to hard and too far’ can be very difficult. Who are we to decide what is best for another’s child? There is much to debate as to which rights should remain and which should be stopped. Is this mom crossing the line? You will see shocking images of her 15 year old daughter before and after breast implants, nose and lip work. 

Your comments are most welcomed on this subject. Do you think this mother has gone too far? Is this child being groomed for the wrong type of adult life? Should a 15 year old girl look and dress like an adult movie star? Does this girl even look 15 anymore, in my opinion she could easily pass for cocktail waitress in her late twenties.

Forcing a child to do anything they don’t want to do is a negative thing.
However with pageants, the children learn that they need to look perfect in order to win. They are judged based off of their appearance.

This parent is living through her daughter. You can see their self worth is clinging to whether or not their kid gets a trophy. The trophy being whatever the parent is really after, fame, fortune or notoriety. I wonder how this mother will react when older men begin hitting on her daughter, perhaps even men the mothers age? How will the mother feel when walking down the street, both mother and daughter dressed in their whore outfits, when men stare and drool? Will she bark at the lookers, the old greasy men who look with lust on her baby girl? Ti’s not their fault you allow her to dress in this fashion. What about sex crimes, under aged and so on? Does this girl look 15? I think not. Should men be required to check ID same as clubs?

Once you see the mother below perhaps it will shed more light, as the apple seldom falls far from the tree.

Click Photos to enlarge

relaxing in the hot tub a 15 year old?

Who is relaxing in the hot tub? A 25 year old queen of the night? No a teen girl, SHAME on You!

In a hot tub in makeup and implants does not look like a teenager

With all her make up, face work, implants and dress, she doesn't resemble one so young anymore.

Not normal gifts for a teenage girl

Showing off sexy clothes as gifts which are not typical for a teenage girl

more of the 15 year old too sexy fashion

More mirror self photos showing off her fashion and recent body works

more posing showing her implants

More posing as she shows off her implants and fashion

learning to pose this way who teaches

How does a girl this young learn to pose in such a way?

how old does she look

How old does she look here? 15 or 25? Cocktail waitress, go go dancer?

Pretty girl all dressed up in makeup

Dressing the part all dawned in makeup

15 year old girl with lip implants and nose surgery

Visible lips implant work and nose bridge work

proud mother and daughter

This is mother and daughter both happy with all the work they have done to their bodies. Or do they look like sisters?

Mother who allowed daughter breast implants

Mother is proud of her implants and facial work, Perhaps she is not happy with her results and now wishes to live through her daughter

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