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Saturday September 20th 2014 | 

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Top Brazilian Model has lost the biggest breasts in the world title due to infection

American doctors had to destroy the world’s largest women’s implants, which belonged to 30- year-old Brazilian fashion model Sheila Hershey. So now the top Brazilian model has lost the biggest bosom in the world title and stands a chance of losing her natural ones as well. 

There are two primary types of breast implants: saline-filled and silicone-gel-filled implants. Saline implants have a silicone elastomer shell filled with sterile saline liquid. Silicone gel implants have a silicone shell filled with a viscous silicone gel. Several alternative types of breast implants had been developed, such as polypropylene string or soy oil, but these are no longer manufactured.

More than 30 surgerys to get that big

Over 30 operations to get them this big, now I lose them all and maybe even my real ones


Brazilian model Sheila Hershey, self proclaimed owner of the biggest breasts in the world, picked up an infection during the last regular operation to increase the size even more. Doctors were forced to remove silicone implants model. Now she stands to lose even her natural bust.

Sheila at the top of her game and giant boobs

Mother always warned that too much of a good thing wasn't so good after all. I'm guessing Sheila knows that now also

Previously, she underwent 30 operations for breast augmentation without any complications. However, during the last procedure in June 2010, Hershey contracted a staphylococcal infection in her body.

“I had a high fever and pain. I just could not breathe, it was awful. I stayed in bed all day, because I could not stand” – says Hershey.

Under these conditions, the doctors made a difficult decision and removed the mannequin breast implants. However, the doctors, fear that in the future will have to remove even the natural breasts of the girl, if disease-causing microbes penetrate into the blood.

Super model Sheila

Now she may end up flat chested from the infection

It was noted the breast size of Her after the last operation was equal to 38 KKK: In each of the girl’s breasts were filled with four and a half liters of silicone! For these achievements in the past year, She has received Brazilian prize equivalent to Guinness World Records.

Surgeries involving implants, whether for cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, carry risk common to many types of surgery. These include adverse reactions to anesthesia, post-operative bleeding (hematoma) or fluid collection (seroma), surgical site infection or breakdown, breast pain or alterations in sensation, unfavorable scarring (6-7%), interference with breast feeding, visible wrinkling, asymmetry, thinning of the breast tissue, and symmastia (disruption of the natural plane between breasts which is sometimes referred to as ‘bread loafing’). Complications and reoperations related to surgeries with breast implants or tissue expanders can add significant long term costs to patients and health care systems.

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