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Learn How to Train your girlfriend or wife to shut up and be quiet at Home like a Professional Trainer

get the quiet time that you deserve by using the system

You deserve silence on poker night from that nagging talking Girl friend. Get Fist in Mouth today and live the quiet life.


Are you sick and tired of hearing her yelling 24/7 ? Well, trust me you’re not alone. Follow these simple steps and you’ll soon to have one peaceful household.

Look no further than Fist-n-Mouth to get the most cutting edge information about Girl Training and wife Training in the comfort of your own home. Learn well-proven women training techniques that will teach you how to train your girl to shut up and be quiet like a professional trainer.

My goal here at Fist-n-Mouth is to restore the peace in your home and let you enjoy a stress free life with your wife or GF. Say goodbye to potty mouth woes and aggressive behavior and welcome in all the joys of opening up your heart and home to a well trained, fun-loving and obedient woman.

amaze your friends how well she sits quiet

Works like magic

Keep her quiet in the car

No more back seat driving

Get instant results and peace and quiet

Instant results anytime

no more scaring off game while hunting

No sound while hunting

Get the Secret Methods from Professional Trainers on How to Train a wife and
Discovering Success with wife Obedience Training

  • We want you to feel empowered and confident with your girl friend training, and there are a few things we’d like to share about ourselves at Fist-n-Mouth so you can feel good about using the Wife training methods you discover here:
  • We believe in cruelty free woman training techniques that strengthen the respect your girl has for you and you for your female.
  • We believe that the most important outcome from successful girl and women training is to have happy, social and well-adjusted members of your family that enrich your quality of life.
  • We believe in personally reviewing and putting ALL girl training methods to the test that we promote on our website. We here at Fist-n-Mouth our life-long wife owners and have conquered many female behaviour problems over the years.
  • Lastly, we firmly believe that girl obedience training should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience and that with consistency and hard-work, YOU WILL find success conquering your female’s behavior problems, no matter how insurmountable they may seem.

So, if you are tired of being yelled at and interrupted learn how to quiet her instantly with Fist-n-Mouth.
Just look what some of our satisfied customers have to say about this revolutionary training technique.

After using fist in mouth system she sits quiet

She now sits quiet after using the sustem

George T. of Willow brook trailer court says. “Thanks Fist-n-Mouth, I’m finally able to sit and watch football without all the nagging. Now, when she starts to become unruly I just speak the command and Linda sits quietly with her fist in her mouth.”

The simple comans work on groups

So how easy it is to shut up chatty women

Ralph P. of Park and Live mobile home Park says. “I wasted many dollars on stuff that isn’t worked till I found Fist-in-Mouth. Becky now just puts her hand in her mouth when I give her the look. The teaching is so powerful even works on her bitchy mom, Thanks Fist-n-Mouth for finally shutting them up.”

Now you can stay at the bar without being yelled at by your wife

Now I can stay at the bar without nagging

Norman H. of Sideways trailer park says. “For years my wife has been on my butt, always nagging, complaining and chewing me out when I get drunk with my buddies at the bar, but thanks to Fist-n-Mouth now she don’t bitch at me no more and all my buds are using the technique too.” 

perfect for long trips

Quiet on the road

Bobby Joe Truck Driver says, “There ain’t nothing worse than having a woman along on a long haul coast to coast that never shuts her trap. 3,000 miles of constant moaning in enough to break any mans brain. I picked up a copy of Fist-n-Mouth at a truck stop in Arkansas, read it in the john and before I got to Texas she was sitting quiet. This system works 10/4″

No more complaining it's time to go

Stay longer hassle free

training is very simple

Quiet training a snap

when she starts to yap shut her up fast

She will obey

no back talk just instant silence

Instant silence


Isn’t it time you get the peace and quiet you deserve? Join the elite group of men who are using the Fist-n-Mouth system and become the envy of all your pals.

No more getting chewed out in public.
No more interrupted games
No more embarrassing “where the hell you been” questions
No more Mother-in-law woes

Shut her up today with Fist-n-Mouth, so act now and order.

*Void where prohibited, not sold in stores, limited supplies, not responsible for you getting your ass whopped when using the Fist-n-mouth system.

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