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Thursday September 18th 2014 | 

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The most amazing before and after plastic surgery photos in the world

Young woman before her operation

I am so tired of men pushing me away because of my face. It is time for a change and surgery is the answer.

How can one go about hiding all external disadvantages of their face or body? You will see the most amazing before and after plastic surgery photos in the world. The primary purpose of taking reconstructive surgery is to correct the defects in a particular body part to achieve normal functioning of that part.

This young lady realized that for her entire life she had been stereo typed and shunned for her facial features. Once she accepted these facts and set her mind to make a change, having an operation was her goal.

For those people who suffer with a physical deformity, plastic surgery is extremely helpful. Examples of individuals who need cosmetic surgery due to a physical deformity include mastectomy patients, children born with a cleft lip and individuals with scarring. It also helps people who are not physically deformed, but who have a problem with specific body parts by correcting their perceived flaws.

After plastic surgery the patient usually displays much higher self-esteem. By fixing body issues, patients have greater confidence in themselves. Patients who like their body have a higher self-confidence. Social confidence leads to the person making contact with others, which is a very positive effect of plastic surgery.

After her surgery and bandages removed she is filled with confidence. This woman will never have to lower her head in shame again. No man will ever notice she has a face.

Most amazing after results of plastic surgery

See, You didn't even notice I have a face now did you?

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