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Wednesday October 1st 2014 | 

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Pretty nurses ready to lend a helping hand for donors at sperm bank and insemination clinic in Tokyo Japan

Warm hands giving support at tokyo

Hello, Hello, talk about a DEAD END job. Although not much different than working in rice field "little tiny rice D**K" hehe


The first bank sperm which appeared in Tokyo in 1964, switched to an entirely new basis with clients. Men no longer have to stare at stimulating and arousing pictures to build him to squeeze out a portion of special sauce. Pretty nurses ready to lend a helping hand for donors at sperm bank and insemination clinic in Tokyo Japan.

This new radical change to boost business has undertaken the use of experienced female hands. Dr. Jerome K. Sherman, (discoverer of the method of successfully freezing and thawing sperm that made sperm banks possible), would be so proud. 

The processing is still the same and follows all formalities mandatory in all countries of the world. With the one exception, customers of the central Tokyo sperm bank are no longer assigned a special booth with dirty magazines, instead are introduced to a pretty girl – assistant.

Saburo Saito, innovation laboratory director, proudly says.  “The task of an assistant is to bring a client encouragement with good words and bring him to his happy place – - For this we have hired and trained eight specialists.” 

Sperm banks collect and store sperm and offer andrology laboratory services such as semen analysis, frozen donor sperm services and long-term sperm storage. One of the main motives that drive donors: 

Donations from fertile men who wish to preserve their reproductive options. 

Lady assistance helping donors by giving a hand

Must go back to School, This is a disgusting job. Mom was right, Must finish school I must finish school

This new Innovation in science of pretty girl – assistant, on which the bank has started to attract attention, it is justified. From seeking $ 60 for a few minutes pleasant time with young specialist no man retreats. Men are not worried that all the action takes place in the general ward. 

“When the assistant put me on the couch and I felt the warmth of her hands, then immediately forgot about the others”, – says one customer at the bank. “It’s a pity that the procedure can take place no more frequently than once every three weeks.” 

I don’t think we will see a Nobel Prize being awarded to Tokyo Science for discovering the hand job or legalized brothel. Perhaps an Impact Award in marketing would be more fitting. :)

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