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Saturday September 20th 2014 | 

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Talented females with long tongues from around the world

girl freaks out tv host with long tongue

WTF is that? Lady has a snake tongue. Men feel uncomfortable by this long tongue, Um the movie, Species or Alien mean anything?

They say the average human tongue contains 2,000–8,000 taste buds. These ladies with super long tongues must be able to taste in ways no one can imagine, since their tongues probably have double the amount of buds. Maybe even have the ability sample several flavors at once.

These talented girls show off their wacky super long tongues and sometimes frighten the unsuspecting male. They do look intimidating alluring as well, everyone remembers the Venom from Spider Man yikes!

Long tongued pretty girl

Testing wind direction is a breeze with a tongue like this

In my lifetime, here under my rock, I have never met such a girl as these. But as it turned out, they are not as rare as I would have believed. As we researched these blessed ones, with oh so long and talented tongues, more and more of them just kept surfacing. Now the only question remains: Do they have boyfriends or perhaps husbands named Chip?

Ever noticed how often you kiss? Kissing has an important place in our lives, it is with his help, we can express all that range of feelings that we want to send to someone. Appreciation and warmth, love and affection, friendship and gratitude, affection and caring – this is not a complete list by any means I can go on for very long. These long tongued girls may have even more uses, not known to science yet; maybe somewhere a Nobel Prize awaits a brave young lad.

caressing her long pet tongue

Most people have a dog or cat as a pet, Not this fancy pretty girl, She has her very own pet tongue

If we talk about close relationships with a loved ones, it is very important to know how to kiss, because this may depend on our personal lives. Could you be a long time with a someone whose kiss that you disliked? Of course not, but imagine that a person experiences that with you? In order not to fall into an awkward situation, you must learn how to kiss and do it proper I suppose. But where would one start with such tongues as these?

Not by chance the world-famous works of love between a man and a woman, such as the treatise “The branches of the peach” and even “Kamasutra” are devoting significant attention to types of kisses and Technology. Since ancient times, people have tried to kiss her, knew and know how to do it. We are irresistibly drawn to this kind of contact. Why? It is difficult to understand, but the technique itself can be explained by a kiss and need.

“But mommy I’m afraid of her because her tongue is so long”

Cute silly lady sticks out her long tongue

Snoop there it is, Waving at everybody with her long wet tongue

Open wide and show off long tongue

Dude, I can hear the ocean. Smacked in eye by long tongue

touching nose with tongue

Im cute and talented, I can touch the top of my nose with my tongue and touch a few other things too :)

inviting girl with long hot tongue

Come here let me show you something. Kiss me "Nooooo"!

Poor girl cant keep er long tongie in her mouth

Poor girls tongue falls out everytime she opens her mouth.

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