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Thursday October 2nd 2014 | 

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Scientists have created the first oral contraceptive birth control for men

Research Scientists have invented the first ever oral contraceptive birth control for men.

male contraceptive lab environment

Break through science allows more control of unwanted pregnancy for men. 100% guarantee no men will become pregnant.

Israeli scientists announced the creation of the world’s first contraceptive pill for males. That’s right the birth control pill for men. The new contraceptive facility actually disarms sperm, depriving it of the protein enzyme, which provides a connection to the oocyte

The New Male Contraceptive is intended for internal consumption. One pill will last for three months, during which time you need not worry about an unwanted pregnancy from his partner. 

Unlike the jab form of the male pill it doesn’t use a combination of the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone progesterone to block pregnancy. 

Sperm still get through to the uterus but they are unable to fertilise an egg. Researchers believe that by using this approach they have a pill that is 100 percent effective at stopping pregnancy. 

Professor Haim Breitbart of Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, who has helped develop the pill form contraceptic said: “Men don’t cope well with side effects and having side effects would probably put many off wanting to take a pill. We’ve had none of the problems with our pill, in mice studies, that men generally encounter while using the male equivalent hormone jabs, which are still undergoing trials which report feelings of moodiness, depression and loss of sex drive.

What we found is that by treating the mice with our molecule we can get sterility for a long period of time -in the lower dose, about one month, and in the higher dose we found three months of sterility.

The mice behaved nicely, They ate and had sex. All I can say is that we couldn’t see any behavioural side-effects – all their sex behaviour was retained, which is a very important consideration for men. Human trials of the pill are due to start next year.”

In mass production, according to experts, the tablets will come available within three years. Remember, this is the first oral contraceptive for men, which works effectively according to researchers. Attempts have been made previously but were not crowned with success. How ever it is 100% guaranteed not 1 single male will ever become pregnant while using this pill ;)

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