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Friday September 19th 2014 | 

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Real Aliens already living among us

Perhaps people such as stephen hawking and albert einstein were/are aliens

I have traveled further in my mind than ever possible with machines of man

Are Real Aliens already living among us?

People have long been haunted by the question: Are we the only intelligent life form in the universe? Perhaps, therefore, no coincidence that so far in the information field with rings of a declaration made in late April, from the famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. “If real aliens visit us, I think that the outcome of such an unusual visit will differ little from the expedition of Christopher Columbus for the indigenous peoples of America – said the outstanding theoretical physicist. – As we remember, the development of a new continent went over in not the most favorable way for Aborigines”.

Not only that, the British scientist believes that the biological life exists not only on other planets, but possibly in the depths of the nuclei of stars themselves and in the wilds of space – in the form of mammoth accumulation of conductive clouds. A similar idea, incidentally, expressed by the famous American physicist Freeman Dyson. It is the concept of life as set out in early 80’s, which did not find a place of protein-nucleic component: “It is reasonable to imagine a life independent of the flesh and blood, and embodied in the systems of superconducting circuits or clusters of interstellar dust”.

Note that Hawking is quite consistent in his quest to “expose” all possible forms of life in all its manifestations.

Just recently it was reported by the BBC, which to some extent confirms the insight of Hawking. According to Dr Mark Gasson from the University of Reading(England) he will become the first person infected with computer virus, “British scientist to implant a chip in Gasson’s hand, which contains a computer virus – BBC reports. The chip to be used is the modified version of the device, which is implanted in pets. In principle, the device is relatively harmless – it allows you to open automatic doors and includes a mobile phone. Will this chip allow Gasson to make contact with real aliens?

Now imagine this scenario. For the implanted infected chip in Gasson you could connect more serious devices than automatic door openers. Naturally, the digital plague can fundamentally change the operating parameters of these devices also. Recognizing this danger and Gasson himself is still going forward with it. In the future when medical devices have become more complex, such a scenario could lead, for example, access denial of such implantable devices like pacemakers or implants, allowing hearing to return. 

A professor Raphael Kapurro from the Institute of Information Ethics Steinbeis-Transfer (Germany), said that we should be very careful about implants such as this with the possibility of an external monitor which can be used without medical indicators.

Detailed results of the study of Mark Gasson will be presented at an international symposium on the impact of technology on society, which will be held this month in Australia.

But, fortunately or unfortunately, no one yet knows whether we are alone in this wide world or not. According to the psychologist and writer Sergei Klyuchnikova, the idea of anthropocentrism, the uniqueness and the uniqueness of our lives – this is the height of human pride, after all, life may well exist beyond Earth. “In the Gospel there is the saying: A lot of my Father’s house – the Savior said it himself. And some of the adherents of the idea of extraterrestrial life refer to the fact that even in such a source it can be interpreted as a hint of extraterrestrial life”, – says Klyuchnikov.

wonder where those strange fashion ideas come from?

Makes sense, weird fashion like gaga maybe alien also

The idea coming to power on Earth of extraterrestrial beings can only frighten us and build the imaginations terrible picture of the future. First – there is a chance of contracting human diseases yet unknown to us. Secondly – it is an idea of capture and subjugation of our civilization, extraterrestrial intelligence, in fact, why not. Some experts, for example, come to the conclusion that the aliens supposedly already living among us quietly consume the weak and too intelligent representatives of the species Homo sapiens, thus engaging, culling people, evolution, so to speak, on a pre-established plan. 

For the future, meetings with unearthly creatures look pretty optimistic: “The extraterrestrials are living among us and lead us under constant surveillance. They are not hostile to us, rather they want to help us, but we are not sufficiently developed to establish direct contact with them”, – told the British newspaper Telegraph deputy director of the Space Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Lachezar Filipov.

However, I repeat, a pebble on the protein molecule is not limited and in the minds of modern scholars are born sometimes such a hypothesis, as compared with that of the medieval alchemist’s dreams about the homunculus – baby talk. Thus, the Academy of Medical Sciences Vlail Treasurers all in the same 80-s of last century raised the question of self-reproducing mechanisms for the origin of living matter in an unexpected direction: “Is it known to us only on terrestrial version of the protein-nucleic only possible form of life?” Here the question arises about whether a man, Homo sapiens, is the only possible form of reasonable creature in the universe. 

According to the scientist, which they tried to justify in their experimental works, the living substance in the form as it exists on Earth, is the result of a meeting of two space forms of life: protein-nucleic acid and electromagnetic. “Such a long-awaited meeting with the aliens has long held and we, the people of the Earth, are the result”, – emphasized Treasurers. Moreover, according to this concept, any bio-system can be represented as a constellation of non-equilibrium photon (ensemble), which exists due to an influx of energy from outside and the cells in this ensemble – only specific devices that emit and absorb photons and indeed such confidence in the predictions may be only after contact with another civilization.

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