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How to Solve Various Issues Regarding ShowBox – Complete Guide

ShowBox being the most prominent entertainment app is quite famous among the young mobile users. One of the most user-friendly apps, ShowBox has a great library of movies, television series and, cartoons that you can stream and download. watching movies and videos in a bigger screen is now possible too, thanks to ShowBox and it offers lots of fun, especially when you are with your family watching together. As ShowBox updates its database on a regular manner, the user never falls short of their desired movies and shows recent and old. In one word ShowBox is every entertainment lovers’ one stop solution.

Now as the app is getting more and more downloaded, the users are facing some problems too. Thus here we have tried to solve your problem by discussing the issues people face while using ShowBox application on their mobile. So here they are:

How to Clear the Cache Error

This is one of the frequent issues that the user suffer from and, it can halt the smooth use of the Showbox APK File.  To fix the Cache related errors, you can go with the following steps:

  • First of all go to the “Setting” and Hit the option “General.”
  • Now, find the “Application Manager,” tab it to find “All Application or All”
  • Search “Showbox” from the list and now select it.
  • Click on the “Clear Data” along with the “Clear Cache” button to successfully fix this issue.

How to fix the ChromeCast or ‘Showbox Not Working’ Casting problem

Another issue that irritates the user is the ChromeCast problem. the ChromeCast at times stops working. So if that happens,

  • First, find the Reboot option within the ChromeCast device and start Rebooting the ChromeCast.
  • The user can go to your device “Settings” and find “App Manager” in the settings.
  • Here you will get the “App Manager”, tap here and the user will find an option named as “Avia App”, select it and clear the entire data.
  • Reboot your android device and wait till its completion.
  • Now return to Home and Open the Showbox App and try the ChromeCast once again.

How to fix the Showbox Not Working Suddenly Stopped Issue

It is quite an irritating problem as Showbox at times stop working. To solve it,

  • go to your device “Settings” and Click on the “General Settings Option”
  • Under this General Settings find the “Application Manager” and click it.
  • The screen will now show an “All Applications” option which is installed earlier by you.
  • Search for Showbox app in ‘All Applications.’
  • Now delete all the unwanted notifications like, ‘clear data problems,’ ‘clear cache problems’ all in one shot.
  • Restart the Smartphone and reopen the Showbox app freshly.

So with this article hope the user will be able to solve the most common issues of ShowBox app and the users can enjoy a problem free smooth experience of their favourite shows and movies.

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Vikings Season 5: Which Major Character Will Die in the Season?

The historical drama is always interesting to see on television and Vikings has to turn out to be one of the most intriguing shows that are more or less true to the historical facts and after the four consecutive successful seasons Vikings is set to come back with its Season 5. The sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok has now taken an interesting turn with the death of the lead Ragnar, and as per the speculation, now the plot will turn towards his sons who will now be involved in the power play. There is also a speculation that the lead may come back from death to give the ultimate shock to the fans. But now there is a new theory hovering, that another very important character may die in this season. Who can that be?

Vikings Season 5 Release Date

The previous season had plenty of major kills, but three of them are most unexpected: the death of Ragnar Lothbrok, King Ecbert’s suicide and of course, Ivar the Boneless’ murder of his own brother Sigurd. Now there are speculations that another son of Ragnar Lothbrok may die in the upcoming season. According to some believe that it could be Ubbe or Hvitserk too. But there is no confirmed news about the fact yet though. Ragnar’s death was too important; rather say a turning point for the plot for the coming season. His death will create a lot of twists and complications in Vikings season 5. The fight of the brothers will be the focusing event. Lagatha’s hold on the plot will be stronger than before. The inclusion of the new character Bishop Heahmund will be introduced in the coming season. Though, it is still unclear when he may appear and what will his take be in the series.

Though it is still unclear which son will meet his fate, it is quite obvious that Ivar the Boneless will survive for a long time. It became clearer as Alex Hogh Andersen has posted a video on Instagram to confirm that he is once again working on “Vikings” in the Season 5. As per the post, the actor is currently enjoying the view in Luggala in Ireland, where the show is being filmed.

There was another theory was coming to news that Lagertha will die in the season. But Katheryn Winnick too declared that she would be part of the entire series, and her role will be more powerful and critical this time. So she will be here in season 5.

Now, here comes the question who is the son of Ragnar who will die? The production team has not confirmed anything, and the fans are waiting eagerly for the arrival of the show.  The release date of Vikings Season 5 has not been disclosed yet, but the earliest possibility is the end of the year. Though some are suggesting, it can appear next year also.

So till the release date of Vikings Season 5 comes, the fans are bound to wait with a lot of speculations.

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Apple iPad Pro 2: Probable Specs and Features

When Apple recently launched their new iPads in March 2017, people said that it was just a tweak of their previous version iPad Air 2. So now, Apple fans have more expectation on the upcoming second generation of iPad tablets i.e. iPad Pro 2.

Back in 2010, when Apple introduced the first of its iPad in the market, the whole world got gaga over it. The concept of iPad was new, and the sale of the device went crazy at that time. But after that, the smartphone industry has developed a lot. The screen size has increased, and due to this, the overall tablet market got a hit. Still, Apple continues to launch their iPad versions in the market, and now they are ready with their next big tablet iPad Pro 2.

iPad Pro 2: Specs & Features

  • Bigger Display: –It is almost certain that Apple this time is going to upgrade the display size of its iPad to 12.9 inches compare to its previous version which was 9.7 inch. This means it will have a True Tone display which can automatically adjust the white balance of the screen to give more realistic and superior experience.
  • Better Camera: –It is expected that the next generation of iPad, iPad Pro 2, will have better and upgraded camera features. It will most probably have a 12 MP iSight camera with Live Photos and 4K video recording facility, and the 5 MP front face HD camera with Retina flash.
  • 120 HZ Screen: The previous all iPad had a 60 HZ screen. If the rumours are to be believed, then in iPad Pro 2, there will be 120 HZ screen. It is a delightful news for all the Apple gamers out there, as it will give a sharper display in games.
  • Smart Keyboard: –This time the Apple keyboard is also assumed to be upgraded with the launch of iPad Pro 2. There will have a different “Search” and “Share” button on the keyboard to give users more smooth experience.
  • iOS 11 support: – The all new iPad Pro 2 may operate with iOS 11 instead of iOS 10. Though this feature is not assured.
  • Better Apple Pencil: – iPad Pro 2 will be compatible with the second generation Apple pencil. The second generation Apple pencil will have more features in iPad Pro 2.
  • OLED Display: – The other rumour in the market is that in iPad Pro 2, Apple will introduce the OLED display screen. Till now, Apple has used LCD screens with LED backlight, unlike their rivals Samsung and OnePlus who use OLED display.
  • Scrap Home Button: – This time it is likely that Apple will remove the physical Home button from its iPad. This will give a bigger and wider bezels size to iPad Pro 2.
  • Physical Changes: – There will be a lot of physical changes on the device also. As this time the device will be lighter and thinner, and there will be no 3.5 mm headphone jack. Also, the iPad Pro 2 will be water resistant.

So if you are an Apple fan and an iPad lover, then iPad Pro 2 is definitely worth waiting for. Experts say it will surely not disappoint you.

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IOS 11 To Bring in Advanced New Features Alongside Other Improvements

The release of this year’s iPhone 8 is almost upon us, now that we are already well into this year. As we all know, despite a lot of smartphones coming out this year, 2017 will be the year of the iPhone. That is because the iPhone 8 will mark Apple’s celebratory anniversary edition iPhone which was first released way back in 2007. Back when it was first introduced, the iPhone challenged the very notion of smartphones and more importantly, proved with the IOS (then called the iPhone OS) that Android was not the be all and the end all of all modern handheld platforms. Since then, the IOS has received a number of updats that have gone into making it the super successful IOS 10 that was released last year with the iPhone 7.

Apple iOS 11

With the iPhone 8, a lot is going to change and while we already got a glimpse of all that is going to change with 2016’s iPhone 7, we are expecting a lot to change on the inside this time. That, of course means, a huge software update, which leads us to talk about the IOS 11 Update. We have no way of being sure what Apple is planning to add to their mobile platform for this year, especially because the IOS 10 was hailed by Apple users as one of the best mobile platforms of all time. But while Apple has a daunting task ahead of them of improving upon something that was widely deemed to have achieved near perfection, there are certain places for improvements.

Apple users have long been expecting certain features to be made permanent or brought in to the IOS, like a convenient Dark Mode or a more fluid control centre. Apple fans can certainly look forward to seeing these additions, for the Cupertino based company has been experimenting for a while with such ideas in their updates. Most remarkably, Apple’s newest app rollout has shown signs of a promise of something that Apple users around the world have been grudging the lack of. We are talking about the unnecessarily complicated sharing options in the IOS here, which up until now has lacked the sophistication of other platforms, like Google, in the matter.

With Clips, Apple’s latest video editing software, there is the possibility that the IOS 11 will incorporate a more  advanced share sheet that will show us options to send a file directly to the people we interact with the most. But while these additions will undoubtedly make the IOS 11 a more user friendly platform, they don’t exactly spell wondrous advancements. However, if what analysts have been saying recently is anything to go by, then we can expect the IOS 11 to stand out from all its competition in the field of Augmented Reality. Rumors based on market research analysts’ reports state that the iPhone 8 will come with 3D sensing cameras integrated with AR functions. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, AR is a more interactive forms of mixed reality and that is where it scores much higher than Virtual Reality, for the latter leads the user to have a completely secluded experience. So the technology that might be brought in with the IOS 11 will focus on combining necessary information with what you see in front of you.

IOS 11 release date is supposed to be alongside the iPhone 8, which is believed to be slated for launch sometime in September 2017. But interested users will be able to try the platform in beta after Apple announces it in June during their WWDC keynote.

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